Our ESCAPESEEKER team with our fleet of INFINITI luxury vehicles. My stunning G-37 is the most liberating way to explore France…and my crew is still trying to figure out how they can get their hands on their own EX-37…to keep permanently!

INFINITI G37 Convertible: Are you poised to experience the ultimate driving exhilaration while sitting in the most comfortable convertible ‘cockpit’ in the business? I particularly enjoyed the air-conditioned seats…yes, there’s no such thing as sticking to your seats while enjoying the Provence sunshine in the G37!

THANK YOU INFINITI FOR YOUR TREMENDOUS SUPPORT OF ESCAPESEEKER. I am missing “Grace” big time! Here’s my tribute to Grace…my G37 INFINITI convertible, whom I named after the Hollywood star/turned Royalty–Princess Grace–because frankly, this amazingly powerful performance car drove with such GRACE, and as you can see, Grace’s power only adds to her dignified beauty! But don’t be mistaken, this is no “chic mobile”…After all, beneath her stunning beauty, the G37 is an INSPIRED PERFORMANCE MACHINE! Nothing like your hair blowing in the wind as you power across France’s breathtaking countryside. Honestly, it is pure symphonic bliss. Oh yeah, and every now and then, I think, this is exactly what life is meant to be! I’m so blessed. Whether your “Born to be Wild” or Born to be Mild– I’ve been described as a quiet rebel, myself, driving the INFINITI G-37 will make you SMILE!

One word of caution before you tackle a French Road Adventure…

One added warning however, before you tackle a road trip through France, be sure to have a chunk of change (or a plastic card with sufficiently high credit line) handy for the toll booths. Our three INFINITI cars totalled 75 Euro (25 Euro each, on average) at each toll booth stop! OUCH! It happened so often that my editor/lead car, co-driver, Mike Ryan became fluent in saying in French, “I’m paying for three autos, please,” and pointed to the other two INFINITI EX37 behind us. And, let me not forget to mention, France charges a 19 percent sales tax on petro! You don’t really realize how good we have it in the U.S. when it comes to road-friendly mobility. There’s definitely a price to enjoying the luxury driving machines in France. But then again, if you’re driving one of these beauties, you probably can’t be too concerned about French toll booths and gas taxes right?

On a good note, we discovered that Italy is definitely less expensive–both in terms of petro cost and toll booth prices. So take your pick. Both countries are undeniably breathtaking. And, I highly recommend that a French/Italian luxury road trip should be on every one’s ‘bucket list’…it allows you to really get up close and personal with the natives. Our INFINITI vehicles received more than their share of envious glances. Let me just say, the French and Italians definitely appreciate a performance driving machine! It just took me and my Producer, Christina, a little while to figure out that they were not staring at us, but rather, our beautiful cars! So, if your ego needs a boost, I recommend not getting such a beautiful car. 🙂 On the other hand, if you can say, “Eat your heart out” in French or Italian, you can definitely handle the G37 convertible.

Mel aka ESCAPESEEKER aka “Quiet Rebel”

PS: Please be on the lookout for the September issue of ADEYAKA magazine (INFINITI’s stunning magazine,, which will contain a feature on ESCAPESEEKER! How cool is that?

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