The ESCAPESEEKER team with Father Mark Haydu, International Director of the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museum who helped make our unforgettable Vatican experiences possible. To learn more go to: and help ensure that these magnificent works of art contained at the Vatican museum are preserved and perpetuated for future generations.

Dear Escapeseeker friends and family…

After the most once-in-a-lifetime experience at The Vatican–not only for filming purposes, but also for general individual enlightenment of the entire team, individually and collectively, we are now packed and ready to head to FCO–Rome’s International airport. Our hearts, not to mention our luggage, is oh so very full with gratitude for the priceless experiences we had the opportunity to embrace and capture on film. Italy and France will forever hold very special memories for us for the friendships we have forged and the lessons we gleaned at every stop.

I shall pause for now so that we do not miss our flights…our team cannot wait to weave our episodes together…what a challenge…how does one capture the feeling, the scents, the emotions, the spirits of the remarkable destinations we visited? Capturing their beauty was the easier part–it was one AH HA moment after another for our entire team. We will definitely make every effort to do them justice.

Until then, this is ESCAPESEEKER wishing all of you the most beautiful, productive day,


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