OUR ESCAPESEEKER ‘Tour de France’ CONTINUED…Next, Uncovering the Best Kept Secrets of Cognac and Bordeaux…

Chateau de Mirambeau, France — There’s only one way to describe this luxury destination: It’s an absolute made for Hollywood movie set–well, in our case, a stunning scene for our ESCAPSEEKER TV series! But, let me emphasize, there’s nothing fake about this gorgeous chateau. This is REAL LIFE…from the lavish period-accurate furnishings and abundant fabrics, to the mouth-watering French delicacies meticulously prepared by Mirambeau’s talented Chef–it won’t take long before you’ll notice yourself feeling–and in Jackson’s case–sounding very French!

You are now deep in the heart of France where names you’ve heard many times before will take on whole new meaning: Cognac, Bordeaux, Saint-Emilion. Stay tuned to ESCAPESEEKER. This Fall on PBS/KOCE-TV we will share with you the secrets we have uncovered during our own exciting ‘Tour de France’…meanwhile, here’s a sneak peak at just some of the images, many of which were captured by our own team at Chateau de Mirambeau and the nearby region. Viva La France!



PS: Meanwhile, if you’re in need of a superb, romantic French hideaway, and can’t wait for our ESCAPESEEKER French episode to air–please feel free to go to: http://www.chateauxmirambeau.com/

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