If you’ve been wondering why the ESCAPESEEKER updates have been non-existent until now–well, to put it frankly, we’ve been on a continuous filming adventure that is definitely not meant for the faint at heart!

Twelve hour shooting dates filled with incredibly unique, albeit often challenging activities.

For example, how about hot-air ballooning over Champagne region at sunset; or driving “Grace” as in Grace Kelly–my G-37 INFINITI convertible and co-star in the French Riviera episode–on Monaco’s own Grand Prix route! All captured on film! I named my car after the beautiful Hollywood legend turned royalty because this amazing driving machine drives with such grace, yet powerfully dignified in its presence and beauty! THANK YOU INFINITI FOR THE NON-STOP ADRENALIN RUSH!

On top of all the filming excitement–we had the added layer of being shot as we were shooting. A bit confusing? Well, while we were filming ESCAPESEEKER, the entire ESCAPESEEKER team was being captured on film by INFINITI’s ADEYAKA magazine. Yes, a story about yours truly will be included in their September issue. It is an absolutely stunning magazine…check it out:
I hope you’ll keep your eye out for the September issue. 🙂

A sneak peak of the ESCAPESEEKER team at work at Villa Gallici
in Aix-en-Provence
(photo compliments of INFINITI)

By the way, the ESCAPESEEKER team was also featured on French TV — France 3 — and on radio–my gosh, I hope all this notoriety doesn’t go to their heads! I’m not too worried. We are all too exhausted by the end of the day. It’s really great how the entire team is rising to the occasion.

I am so grateful for their resiliency…and how quickly they can adapt to any situation.
After all, it is not easy when you are required to drink wine from such outstanding, historic vineyards, like that of the Marquese de Frescobaldi in Tuscany…who by the way, generously sent everyone home with a bottle of their finest wine…and even included their own produced olive oil too!

We are overwhelmed by the generous support and kindness that has been and continues to be extended to us. We continue to forge new friendships everywhere we go, and that is truly the best gift of all. I love being the ” ESCAPESEEKER”…and I love my ESCAPESEEKER team!

Pictured above: Jason Wise, Director; Christina Tucker, Co-Writer-Producer; Jackson Myers, Director of Photography;
Mel Gee Henderson, Creator/Host/Executive Producer;
Michael Ryan, Editor/Sound Engineer

After 15 straight days of 12-14 hour shoots, Mr. H aka Roy arrives from the U.S. and takes one look at our team and says, “Mel, I think you could all use a day off. How about sailing with me.” No one resisted his recommendation.

Thank you Roy! You revived our spirits and our stamina–which is exactly what we needed to begin the Italy portion of our filming assignment. Roy and Christina left us just as we were departing for Italy–but thank goodness, we acquired two talented team members to give us a hand for the remainder of the shoot.

Olyvia and Gabrielle ready and willing to assist the ESCAPESEEKER team

Gotta run…Venice shoot awaits…I LOVE THIS MAGICAL CITY! We only have two days here to accomplish all that we must do. Then we are off to the final segment of our filming adventure: ROME…and THE VATICAN! Yes, we have been granted the permission to film inside The Vatican, and to participate in the Holy Father’s Wednesday Audience. We’re trying not to think about it too much…but every now and then, we all look at each other and say, “Oh my gosh, are we really getting to see the Pope?”

Thank you for staying tuned…

With love from the land of Serenissima,

Mel aka Escapeseeker

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