My name is Mel Gee Henderson. I’m a huge fan of the cinema…a lover of music of every variety, but when it comes to travel, there’s no question, it is my number one passion–or some may even call it my obsession! My motto is “No destination on earth is too far or too difficult to reach.” I was born with an insatiable wanderlust. In 2007, after years of working in various journalism fields, and logging in over a million air miles, I decided it was time to finally combine my love of travel with my love of writing and share my many adventures and travel expertise with others who share my sheer excitement and joy of travel, and who are always seeking to find that next great escape adventure or ultimate 5-star retreat…or better yet, the grand family gathering place where lasting lifetime memories can be created!

Join me, as I guide you from one amazing global destination to another. Don’t hesitate to drop me a “Dear Mel” letter if you need any travel advice of any kind. I will give you ‘tried and true’ advice, and if I don’t have the answer, I can help you find it. Where’s the best place to eat in London after midnight? Where’s the best place to get the ultimate ‘chocolate massage’ in Barcelona? Yes, there is such a specialized treatment, at a mountain top, 5-star luxury retreat overlooking the entire Barcelona cityscape. Or how about the cheapest, but excellent haircut in Paris? I know using ‘cheap’ and ‘Paris’ in the same sentence seems incongruent, but there is such a place. However, you must know at least a little French so you don’t come out looking like ‘Amelie’ 🙂 When it comes to life saving measures– do you know what to pack for a river rafting trip through Tibet? Including one tiny, but crucial item saved a member of our team from experiencing hypothermia. We have my husband, Roy, and his outdoor, high altitude expertise to thank for putting that life-saving item in my backpack! Where are the best places to stay if you’re traveling with three or more children through the Baltic countries? Or how about if your 11-year old daughter decides she wants to visit the Balearic Islands–Ibiza to be exact? Thanks MTV! But we did manage to find a wonderful family-friendly place in Ibiza where she found other children who were great fun and multi-lingual. By the way, I’ve logged in a lot of miles with our eight (6+2 combined) children and they’re some of our very best memories ever. Now, fast forward to present day, we’ve grown, and are continually growing in sheer numbers by leaps and bounds, so navigating the planet has truly become an art!

I’m a great believer that we can all learn from one another, so I look forward to getting your feedback, and reading about your many travel adventures (and expertise) as well.

By the way, I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my family and friends, as I will be sharing their life’s many exciting adventures as well on my blog. It is evident that my family’s “wanderlust” and sheer love of life runs deep. As they say, “the apple does not fall far from the tree.”

And, lastly, if I may borrow the “best” motto of Mr. H., “Let us all Begin Each day Selecting Tremendous!

Here’s to blissful escapes in 2008…

Yours truly,


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