It’s Tuesday Evening…time to write to Elder Gee…Some wise, loving counsel from Big Brother, Brennen…(unedited)

howdy Elder Gee,
first request: after the first month of catching up, we can only converse in Russian.
I don’t have much time cuz i have a night class. but I’m glad to write something. I was thinking about all the “crazy important stuff” that is going on in the world that you’re likely oblivious to (not a bad thing). You see, McKell’s parents bought us a TV so while I get ready in the morning I turn up the volume and listen to CNN news. Well you’re missing out on globally important things as we speak, such as: Britney Spears is having a meltdown. America’s economy is turning into a quagmire, and Europe’s/Asia’s is starting to slide as well. The New England Patriots are 18-0 and headed to the Super Bowl, while TOm Brady and Randy Moss set new records. Fred Thompson dropped out of the presidential race. Barack and Hillary pointed fingers all night long. Dick Cheney got caught sleeping during Pres. Bush’s address. A reporter told some golfers they should lynch Tiger Woods. Tom Brady is dating Gisele Bundchen.
I don’t know exactly what I want to say except that I wish sometimes that I was back on the mission where it was easier to focus on all the little things that really matter in life. I just always come away from listening to a session of CNN thinking “so that’s the world news… of all the things they wanted me to know, those are them…”
second request: make the most of these last few moments on the mission, soak in every second with whoever you are talking to where ever you are. listen to every word they say.
It’s cold here too. we’re gonna go sledding tonight though, with McKell’s brother. I love spending family time with McKell, she makes everything fun. even sledding at 9 p.m. in 0 degree weather.

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