It is almost time to say farewell to Russia…What an extraordinary two years it has been for Elder Gee…

Vladivostok – Excerpts from Elder Gee’s report (in his own words), Wednesday, January 16th, 9:02 a.m.

Hello mother! I’m here and incredibly safe! Get this: I’m really experiencing cold like I never have before in my life. WOW. Let me tell you a little about it:
On Friday morning we went with President and Sister Everett to the airport to meet the 5 new missionaries. It was very fun and exciting. I loved very much talking with them. It brought back very many good memories. I really can remember every little thing back 2 years ago to my own first day in the country. It was a shocker then and it was a shocker for these 5 as well.
One of them looked at one of the big block apartment buildings and asked: “Do people live in those?” It just so happened to be his apartment building where he would be living.
We right away took them to the Russian/Chinese Market to get these suited up in their big leather/fur coats, hats, and gloves.
They really were welcomed with quite the big shock. It was cold like no body’s business. On Sunday morning when I woke up at looked at the temperature it shown – 17 degrees Fahrenheit! Also the wind chill added (or better to say subtracted) another 10 degrees. I feel a little bad for these new elders for they are experiencing this in their first days and yet it is the coldest I have experienced in the whole 2 year service. Even ask we go to leave our apartment building stairwell the door’s frame and handle is all frozen over.
The new elders are all amazing. They will really do great. As I was with them I could only imagine all that they have lying in store for them. I was very excited for them but I can’t say that I was jealous. Just imagining it all seemed to exhaust my mind, heart, and spirit. Especially looking back on my own personal experiences…I wouldn’t give up each and every unforgettable moment for the world, yet knowing and remembering what it took, just how personally challenging and straining it all has been, I don’t know if I could do it again. Surely God has blessed me with His grace.
All of the Elders were sent off to their separate cities to meet their trainers. One of them even got on that same bus all alone heading to Nahodka as did I two years ago.
There was one, however, who’s flight to Sakhalin was canceled and had to wait three days. President had Elder Thompson go work with another companionship so that I could train this new elder in a companionship of just the 2 of us to get him in the flow as soon as possible. I LOVED IT! It was also very tiring however… I ran him good. I told him to make sure and pack his running shoes. Each day I set up lessons with all my favorite members and investigators from all around them city and we were up and about from morning til evening. I kept him up til planning was over our first night. The second night didn’t quite workout. He came in and as soon as I could get off all my snow gear I found him already asleep on the bed, still in his suit. I let him be.
Mother, in planning anything for me after my return i ask that you expect the very most out of me. I will give it my very all and be dedicated at what ever i need to be. I thank you for al you are doing for. I thank you for your support and especially for your inspiration day to day…

Also, another thought. According to the Russian conditions of what is a successful man, i have learned just how successful father is. Check this out:
Everyone successful man should:
Build a house
Plant a tree
Raise a child
Wow…father is quite the example for me.
Alright. Well let me close. I’m sorry i don’t have so much time. I was busy enjoying your blog. I loved it…

I love you family.
Love elder gee

Note: This photo was taken during warmer days. 🙂

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