ESCAPESEEKER team captures a superb afternoon
spent with Roberto and Lisa Polito. Roberto enjoyed
reviewing the footage from our outstanding BIG RED
state-of-the-Art High Def camera!

RESIDENCE ALLELUJA…Nestled between the mountains and the sea…you must lose the phrase “roughing it” from your vocabulary…replace it instead with “luxurious oasis”…the operative word is FREEDOM at RESIDENCE ALLELUJA… you have the FREEDOM to choose to enjoy your holiday in the peace and privacy of your luxury apartment, or venture out and take in a variety of outdoor sports your heart desires…compliments of Mother Nature…ok, sure it was skillfully enhanced and improved upon by man…after all, it wasn’t hard for its owners in the beginning to recognize this precious ‘diamond in the rough’…and now, oh how she glistens! To learn more go to:

Our ESCAPESEEKER team has thoroughly enjoyed making friends here…several Florentine families on holiday enthusiastically agreed to be captured on film as they savored their holiday beneath Tuscan sunshine!

If you wish a bit of a reprieve from the sun and sea…
these shaded beach cabanas are a nice option.

My day at the Punta Ala International Golf Club…Wow, we had such a great time…but don’t take my word for it…stay tuned to ESCAPESEEKER episode, La Dolce Vita, and you’ll see what Marty (skillfully) captured on camera!

Even Alessandro, who arranged our day of filming at the Punta Ala International Golf Club was impressed by my golfing “finesse” as Marty likes to call it.

Ok, maybe not on every hole. 🙂

Gabes and I at sunset, enjoying our not so typical
pre-dinner delicacies at Residence Alleluja’s sister
hotel, Hotel
Cala Del Porto. Perfecto!

You can imagine our delight upon seeing this view…
we immediately felt right at home!

Speaking of HOME…this is the main interior “living room”
where the guests at Residence Alleluja can lounge,
watch TV, read, or just enjoy an afternoon tea, or pre-dinner
drinks with friends.

Oh the Sweet Life…Tuscan style…

Our own private beach at Residence Alleluja

She was born to be a STAR! 🙂 Her future is in the hands of
our talented team, two of whom are pictured above–
Marty Metcalf, our DP, and his superb assistant, Howard Little.

Everything about Punta Ala seem to agree with Gabes.
This was shot in total natural light…Punta Ala’s light…

Our dinner view each night at the splendid Hotel Cala Del Porto!

It was tough to say goodbye to our beloved Venice…little
did we know what was in store for us in Punta Ala. When
things are going well, remember that they can always get,
even better!

Thank you Alessandro FICHERA for bringing us to Punta Ala…
for helping our team capture the best footage each day…and for
making sure our stay is one we will always remember.


PUNTA ALA–September 8, 2008:

Mel aka ESCAPESEEKER offers a recipe for the SWEET LIFE:

Take Italian hospitality, set against the backdrop of aquamarine blue Tyrrhenian sea, drenched in the soothing heat of the Fall Tuscan sun, as it caresses the shores of Punta Ala–a seaside town whose shoulders rest upon a deeply wooded mountain countryside.

Then add the exquisite flavors of ancient recipes perfected from years of cultivating Mediterranean delicacies, and you definitely have the recipe for the best kept Italian secret: LA DOLCE VITA—PUNTA ALA STYLE! It is so apropos that our residence of choice while living the sweet life is called, RESIDENCE ALLELUJA! And the ALLELUJA chorus is exactly what our filming team has been singing since we’ve arrived!

After completing three previous filming assignments in three very challenging, albeit exciting locations, it is a welcome reprieve to arrive in Punta Ala, a true oasis—a perfect gathering place for family and friends. Just take a look at these images captured by our ESCAPESEEKER still photographer—our own CHAD BUCHANAN, and you will see just how much the SWEET LIFE agrees with Gabrielle, as well as the rest of our ESCAPESEEKER team. The scent of evergreen trees combined with eucalyptus trees perfume the air. And, you know how healing I believe being near the sea can be…and let’s just say, this travel worn team is definitely starting to look and feel better with every passing day spent at this truly Tuscan retreat. All I can say is ALLELUJA!

Sending you love, joy, and some perfect Tuscan sunshine…

ESCAPESEEKER and “A Team” (Gabrielle, Maggie, Chad, Marty and Howard)


  1. Christina says:

    Gabes looks too relaxed. She needs another shift with the twins. Send her to Phoenix to work on her nanny skills post Europe:)

  2. MEL also known as "escapeseeker"... says:

    Gabes says to tell you this is hard work looking this relaxed!

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