Lisa (“Nanda” as she is also known to friends and family) and Roberto Polito
welcome our ESCAPESEEKER team to their Tuscan estate in Bolgheri.

Mouth-watering, deliciously sweet grapes from the
Politos own vineyard. I couldn’t stop eating them!
By the way, my pretty purple hat is compliments of
Nanda. I love it. Thank you very much Nanda.

Luca Magni, the Politos eldest son, takes me on a tour
of their estate, sharing wonderful stories of his youth…
carefree time spent frolicking on the grounds of their
beautiful Tuscan surroundings.

Mr. Polito meticulously designed and supervised the
cultivation of every inch of his estate’s landscape, often
doing the work himself. Mr. Polito shared that when he
purchased the land, that it definitely did not look like it
does today, a true Tuscan oasis resulting from three decades
of tender loving care.

The interior/exterior is designed and tailored
for family gatherings full of unique furniture
and art work…or furniture that looks like a piece of
art, much of which was found during their many travels.
No need to explain how much Gabes loved this
comfortable patio chair.

Nanda, Roberto and Luca took us to the charming village
of BOLGHERI where they treated us to an absolutely
delicious lunch composed of Tuscan delicacies, including
a wine produced from their grapes…yes, from the same
vineyard I had been ‘snacking’ from earlier! Roy will be
happy to know that the Politos sent me home with a special
bottle just for his enjoyment. Their gracious hospitality and
generosity is beyond description! Our ESCAPESEEKER team
has been richly blessed by this special La Dolce Vita filming

September 12, 2008

TUSCANY – It is with great reluctance that our ESCAPESEEKER team leaves this visually stunning region of Italy. But we depart this morning with genuine heartfelt joy and gratitude for the “once in a lifetime experiences” (as our DP, Marty Metcalf calls them) we have shared –much of which has been captured and immortalized on digital cinematography.

There are times when it is fitting to borrow the writings of another author who have walked the path you’ve walked, and with their own power of the pen, composed so eloquently the essence of your own experience and sentiments–this is one of those occasions. What more can I possibly add to this excerpt from the biography of Michelangelo, The Agony and the Ecstasy by Irving Stone, wherein he describes TUSCANY–the Tuscany we, too, have come to know and embrace…I shall never lose my child-like enthusiasm for this country endowed with so much beauty…and populated with people of such passion and grace. On behalf of our entire ESCAPESEEKER team, Thank you Roberto, Lisa, and Luca for sharing your time with us and giving us an insider’s look at your own TUSCAN HEAVEN!

“Tuscany is a state of grace. The countryside is so lovingly designed that the eye sweeps the mountains and valleys without stumbling over a single stone. The lilt of the rolling green hills, the upsurging cypresses, the terraces sculptured by generations that have handled the rocks with skillful tenderness, the fields geometrically juxtaposed as though drawn by a draftsman for beauty as well as productivity; the battlements of castles on the hills, their tall towers standing gray-blue and golden tan among the forest of trees, the air of such clarity that every sod of earth stands out in dazzling detail…”

Another example of the beautiful vista from the Politos vineyard!


  1. geecru says:

    ok you’ve worked long enough, you can come home now. hurry.

  2. MEL also known as "escapeseeker"... says:

    I ABSOLUTELY AGREE! If you only knew what we’ve been through. Lots and lots of DRAMA on this filming…I am ONE TIRED PUPPY!!!Emotionally and Physically!

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