One down, six more AMAZING DESTINATIONS to go!


Just wanted to drop a quick note to update you on the ESCAPESEEKER team’s filming status. In one sentence, it has been an absolute RUSH–both in emotion and in the speed by which we are moving from location to location. And, oh my gosh, one more word about getting the ultimate RUSH–How about the sheer thrill of driving a LAMBORGHINI going 200 kilometers per hour? Been there, didn’t do exactly that…LAMBORGHINI’s seasoned driver was behind the wheel–THANK GOODNESS for that…especially since our team driver, Vances, was driving the advance car–a Mercedes with Dale shooting from the trunk of the car! You wanna know about COURAGE and TRUST? Our team has it all.

Now, if that isn’t thrilling enough, tomorrow I’m going behind the wheel of a FERRARI…all captured in HIGH DEF by big RED–our amazing state of the art high def camera. Both of our photogs, Dale Green and Howard Little are getting some mighty muscles lugging this 50 pound RED camera around.
Oh, shoot, speaking of RED, our DP, Dale, is giving me the signal…gotta go for now. We’re filming a segment in my stunning suite at the BERNINI PALACE HOTEL in Florence. I’ll be back to write more details after we finish. This is a lot of HARD WORK. But, we are having an absolute blast! You should see us trying to load our equipment onto the Euro Star from Bologna to Florence. What an adventure our team is having!

Thanks, Maggie Garratt, Dale Green, Howard Little, and Gabrielle Gee, for all your hard work and dedication!

By the way, my co-host, Gabrielle is a real NATURAL in front of the camera…it is as if she’s been doing it all her life! We shot an entire segment of her jogging up the porticos to San Luca Basilica, overlooking the city of Bologna, and she never even broke out in a sweat! What a star!

Ok team, one down and only six more to go.

Back in a flash,

Mel and the rough and tough filming team of ESCAPESEEKER!

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