ESCAPESEEKER FILMING SET TO BEGIN: La Dolce Vita ~ here we come!


I am just packing to leave in the morning…this time with a lot more care because what I pack will be the exact wardrobe captured for my new TV series, ESCAPESEEKER! Yes, my brand new LUXURY TRAVEL SERIES is actually happening. Our High-Def Cinematographers are all set to go–our Italian production partners are set and waiting too.

I will be on one amazing La Dolce Vita adventure–beginning with a private cooking class with Italy’s renowned Executive Chef, Lamborghini driving adventure in the rich Po Valley and along Bologna’s Porticoed streets, as well as ‘”summitting” Bologna’s numerous towers to acquire a birds eye perspective.

Then it is off to Florence (kayaking the river, driving a Ferrari through Tuscany speeding past medieval villages, learning the art of leather craftsmanship, tasting exquisite Tuscan dishes (and the finest wines) at the Frescobaldi Estate, etc., etc.

From there we proceed to the floating city–Venice–a city I know so well that I cannot even begin to list all of that we’re going to do–except I must tell you about one very exciting event that ESCAPESEEKER is hosting in conjunction with SONY PICTURES. We are throwing a post-premiere party for Jonathan Demme’s festival entry–RACHEL GETTING MARRIED, starring Anne Hathaway and Debra Winger. You should see the beautiful invitation designed by our own ESCAPESEEKER graphics artist, Nicole Delong! Of course, the electronic version is just the first step in penetrating the entrance to the event. You still have to arrive with the official hard copy sent by SONY or ESCAPESEEKER or BAGLIONI (our event sponsors) via snail mail. And don’t think that alone will get you in. You will have to be on an official SONY/BAGLIONI/ESCAPESEEKER VIP list! Welcome to Hollywood a la Venice. And we thought airport security was tight! If you are going to be in Venice on September 3rd, let me know–I may just have an invitation for you. 🙂

From Venice, we will travel to the coastal resort of Punta Ala, where we will board a gorgeous yacht for some ocean activities amongst a long list of other film friendly activities. We also plan on getting some down time for our entire crew here, because the last two destinations are packed full, and we are going to be hopping like never before.

After some R & R, to the Eternal City we go, for special “encounters” at the Vatican, experiencing the Roman nightlife with an Italian TV star, and a coming out party at Princess Borghese’s castle on the coast, just outside of Rome. We also get a history lesson from a Roman scholar–but not of the touristy variety–we’re hitting all the back alleys where real Romans spend their time–after all, WHEN IN ROME, DO AS ROMANS DO! 🙂

From there, its off to Milan/Lake Como for a FASHIONISTA’s DREAM WEEK–it’s Milan’s Fashion Week followed by interviews with the world’s greatest names in Fashion–whom we shall visit at their Lake Como villa–arriving via Sea Plane!!!

By the way, one of my favorite portions or should I say scoop about all these destinations? At each locale, we will test their GELATO…in order to determine which of the renowned locations has the best GELATO in Italy!!

I guess, you can say, Life is oh so sweet for this ESCAPESEEKER! Especially since, during the entire adventure we will be in residence at the various luxury hotels that belong to the exquisite Baglioni Hotels Collection, renowned for their luxurious style with an Italian touch.

My daughter, Gabrielle is accompanying me on this adventure. There’s only one thing better than luxury globetrotting~and that is luxury globetrotting with someone you love! Gabrielle and I are thrilled to experience LA DOLCE VITA together. Not to mention, just think of all the youthful zest she’ll add to the ESCAPESEEKER team!

We shall keep you posted whenever possible.



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