Good Morning World!

My Early Morning Greeters…Texas style…Bambi and friends…

Greetings from the Lone Star State!

After a very long absence, I’m back watching the deer roam in my backyard–who by the way, also seem to enjoy basking along the Brazos River as much as any other native Texan! Their life seems so simple…especially living within the safety of the Pecan Plantation enclave…where they are protected by a 17 mile radius of the Brazos River and where all the inhabitants like us permit them to just roam freely, grazing on flowerbeds that I quickly discovered have a very short lifespan…the deer all think that my backyard is their salad buffet! Oh well, what a small price to pay for the opportunity to have the deer teach me about friendship. I love the way they travel in packs…they are never too far from each other…and as near as I can observe, they are always looking out for each other also…oh what life would be like if we all had watchful angels to watch over us.

This morning as the sun rose, I couldn’t help but reflect on the many earth angels in my life…especially these last few months as I began this very challenging endeavor of bringing ESCAPESEEKER–the TV Travel Series to life! I just want to THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart. When I think the obstacles just get too overwhelming, you are there to lend a helping hand. Thank you for helping me fly…and with so many of you praying and believing, I can’t help but SOAR!

I have posted a video link below, and also on the right hand column, just in case the link below doesn’t take you directly to it. It captures my sentiments…take a look…and I hope it lifts your day just as you’ve always lifted mine. By the way, don’t forget to turn off the playlist on the right hand column of the blog page also, before you begin viewing the video, ok?

A reflective ESCAPESEEKER,
aka Mel

PS: Here’s a look back at some of the ESCAPESEEKER team who helped during our filming adventure…photos are compliments of our dear Maggie Garratt from the UK (or should I use her favorite word–“LOVELY” with a British accent)…Maggie accompanied us every step of the way… For a Brit, she probably knows Italy as well, or better than any Italian!

By the way, if you want to enlarge the photos for easier viewing, just click on them.

Howard, our soundman yells out,
“Mel, fix your audio…I can’t hear you!”

Gabes decides it is a lot more fun being the DP instead of
the talent! Howard cries out from the support boat, “Gabes
keep the camera out of the water!”

Proof that ESCAPESEEKER isn’t all GLAMOUR, and FUN…
Fortunately, no matter how tough the journey sometimes became,
rarely did anyone break the official ESCAPESEEKER
#1 rule of “NO WHINING!”

Gabrielle acquired an instant fan of ESCAPESEEKER during
our visit to one of the oldest glass factory in MURANO…and
she has lots of glass jewelry to prove it! 🙂 Product placement
opportunity? Maybe, but more likely, it is just that wonderful
Italian generosity and hospitality~

Truly, some of the best unforgettable memories we will take from
this experience, are the lasting friendships we have forged in the land of La Dolce Vita!

Ok, Maybe driving this BRIGHT RED FERRARI convertible through Tuscany is pretty unforgettable too! Thank you RED TRAVEL for making it possible; and Thank you Dale and Howard for capturing it all in living color. High Def cinematography at its best!

Yes, driving the Ferraris was definitely among the
highlights of our Tuscan adventures…

Another special experience was getting to spend the afternoon with the
Polito Family at their Estate in Bolgheri. I listened attentively as Luca briefed me on the unique characteristics of this Tuscan region. We walked through their family vineyard, and honestly, I’ve never tasted sweeter grapes. I couldn’t stop eating them!
Is this what they mean by La Dolce Vita?

Marty gets a final shot of me riding this vintage seaplane from Club AeroComo…before taking off from Lake Como and soaring high above this picturesque town…my pilot’s name is Ceasar…yes, named after the Roman emperor!

Can you believe how far, or should I say, how HIGH we were willing to go to get the footage we need. Priceless memories I tell you!

And to think, this is just the first episode of ESCAPESEEKER–12 more to go! YAHOO!

Here’s to blissful ESCAPES!

If you want to learn how to create your own ESCAPESEEKER style adventure, stay tuned to KOCE-TV in 2009!

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