BREAKING NEWS: Announcing ESCAPESEEKER: Up Close and Personal

Newport Beach – – What started out as a vehicle for me to update friends and family on my world travels as a result of my assignments from ESCAPE MAGAZINE and ESCAPESEEKER–my brand new travel series– as well as the tool to keep the family informed about each other’s latest activities and fun tid bits–has turned into an ever-growing “blogspot station” that now necessitates the creation of a second ESCAPESEEKER blogspot. ESCAPESEEKER (the original blog) focused entirely on my ESCAPESEEKER TV TRAVEL SERIES and ESCAPE MAGAZINE travels; and the second–ESCAPESEEKER: UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL, centered around FAMILY and FRIENDS. I hope you will continue to view both blog sites, as I will make every effort to keep each current with the latest news.

The second blog page can be found at:

Thank you for your avid interest and continued support.

With love, always…

PS: Kindly be patient as I separate and transfer the family news to the new blogspot site.

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