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Thursday, July 11th, 2013

 2013 Theme:  Mission Possible…Conquering the Unexpected

When an unfortunate accident turned my size six right foot into size 7.5 complete with 10 screws and 2 plates, and with its accompanying recovery period that subsequently  derailed our 2012 filming season, I was determined to get back on track in 2013, no matter what it took! Once my newly renamed, “Robofoot” could travel, black/gray mega boot, crutches and all, I knew there was one place that would assist in my healing, both physically and spiritually:  French Polynesia! So, I embarked on a series of voyages on board the m/s Paul Gauguin, serving as a “Guest Speaker” and sharing our TAHITI: OH HEAVEN’S HEAVEN series with the enthusiastic guests.  After all, how can you not love watching a film about the breathtaking places you know you’re about to experience first hand?  The entire experience of being amongst such joyful passengers and crew who shared my insatiable passion for the islands, and swimming daily in those healing French Polynesian turquoise waters was exactly what my foot (and my soul) needed to bring me back to full ESCAPESEEKER form!

Fast forward, April 15, 2013 and I’m absolutely ready to tackle not one continent, but four continents in just three months. I began in Asia [Hong Kong], followed by South America [Peru], and continuing on to Europe [France], with a quick return to North America [Utah] so I can orchestrate a beautiful wedding for my daughter, Joanna, and then returning to Europe to begin an extensive exploration of Greece, Italy [including The Vatican], Croatia, and back to Italy. The journey wasn’t pain-free, but I quickly discovered that I was tougher than I ever imagined.  More importantly, I found the continuous blessing of seeing one breathtaking vista after another, and meeting so many, many engaging inspiring, talented individuals at every turn only fueled my resolve that 2013 will be the very best ESCAPESEEKER season yet! Perhaps, in part, it may be because I have a far greater appreciation for restored health…for the opportunity to travel…to explore the world on two feet, something I will never ever take fore granted again.

With God’s tender mercy, and with the tireless assistance of my ESCAPESEEKER team as well as the continued, generous support of tremendous entities from around the world, we will continue to seek out the greatest destinations, and prove again and again that there’s no destination on earth too far, too difficult, or too SPECTACULAR to reach!  I feel it a tremendous privilege, albeit also a great responsibility to correctly represent each country I write about, and subsequently film for our PBS SoCal TV Series. For the next few weeks, I will be devoting a segment on each of the destinations we researched, so I can properly do them justice. I hope you’ll continue to visit my ESCAPESEEKER blog as I share the incredible images and story after story of some of the world’s most interesting, unique places…some of which are still barely known…hidden gems waiting to be discovered by adventure-seeking, travel enthusiasts  just like you! We will be returning to film these destinations in the coming weeks, and I have no doubt my avid cinematographers upon seeing these awe-inspiring places will once again refer to me as their “Fairy Godmother.”

Here’s to ENDLESS, BLISSFUL ESCAPES…and Remember, No Matter Where You Travel, BE THE KINDEST PERSON YOU KNOW!

With love,

Mel Gee Henderson aka ESCAPESEEKER