When you think life couldn’t possibly get any better–Well, guess what? It can, and it does!

A member of The Leading Hotels of the World

‘Escapeseeker’ and Maggie Garrett being personally guided through Bologna’s city square by the Grand Hotel Baglioni’s own Resident Manager, Tiberio Biondi.

We are extremely grateful to you Tiberio, for the work and effort you put forth on our behalf in order that we could fully appreciate the unique characteristics of your beautiful city–even going all out and climbing a 60-meters Tower with us! Now that’s beyond the call of duty! Tiberio, we are truly convinced that you do LOVE your job. We can’t wait to return and film the ESCAPESEEKER cooking segment with your own Executive Chef, Pasquale. I’ve never had so much fun cooking. And, yes, Maggie and I definitely need to shop for another “cooking segment-friendly” wardrobe. 🙂 Our team has never eaten so much as we did in Bologna. Is that why they call it, Italy’s food capital?

To all of our ESCAPESEEKER Fans–take note: BOLOGNA is full of outstanding restaurants–outdoor, indoor, countryside, elegant–like the Carracci at the Grand Hotel–or casual like the Osteria, near the town square where you can dine on the street while sitting around barrells used as table tops. Whatever you’re in the mood for–you can find it. And don’t worry about your sudden weight gain! Bologna has miles and miles of covered walkways where you can walk or run to your heart’s content–no matter what the weather– and melt those extra pounds right off!

Just one of the many beautiful suites at the Grand Hotel Baglioni


With wi-fi capabilities at the Grand Hotel Baglioni, I was
able to do a lot of writing right in my own suite’s private terrace.

BOLOGNA, Italy–Take a deep breath, close your eyes and prepare to behold–THE GRAND HOTEL BAGLIONI! After awakening before dawn in Florence in order that we could capture images of the sun rising as it slowly cast a nice glow over the postcard perfect Florentine city, our ESCAPESEEKER team packed up and began our train journey to our next destination–BOLOGNA–ITALY’S FOOD CAPITAL! It was a brief and pleasant train ride via Eurostar–exactly what our team needed–just a moment to catch our breath and think about the wonderful adventure that awaits us. Upon arriving at Bologna’s train station, we were immediately greeted by a handsome, immaculately dressed, member of the Grand Hotel Baglioni staff, ready to assist our crew. (They’re always a welcome site because as we go from ESCAPESEEKER location to location–as it seems that our luggage also grows in size with each stop! 🙂 Our photographer, Chad Buchanan, and I noticed that everyone around us are always so tastefully attired. As he noted, “They all look like they just came out of GQ!” After a very quick ride in the spotless, luxurious Mercedes, we arrived at our hotel–THE GRAND HOTEL BAGLIONI, a member of the Leading Hotels of the World. I’ve barely been in my luxurious sunlit suite, complete with a terrace overlooking the city–just a few minutes–and I can totally understand why they are a part of this exclusive membership! But don’t take my word for it. The photos above speak volumes.

Chad and I, along with Nicole, his superb partner, and our experienced Baglioni ESCAPESEEKER advisor, Maggie Garratt, are thrilled to have this opportunity to explore the food capital of Italy. We quickly discovered that Stay tuned, as we capture hundreds of images–and I do mean hundreds upon hundreds at each location. Italy is absolutely photo friendly…we’ve experienced, savored one “Kodak Moment” after another! Oh please, come and join us as we live this blessed adventure, moment by moment, a once in a lifetime experience we call, LA DOLCE VITA!

Ciao, and remember, as you travel to “Be The Kindest Person You Know!”


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