When the winter temperatures dip so low that it just seems too much to bear…

Dateline–Salt Lake City–The 15 degree temperatures are testing the resiliency of the residents of this Rocky Mountain state–many of whom speak proudly of their tough pioneer heritage–the men, women and children who crossed the plains and Rockies, some on foot, pulling handcarts, others in covered wagons in the depths of the icy cold, frigid winter!

Hey, but just in case you feel like whimping out, and not be so pioneer-like, just this once, and instead, you would rather bundle up around the fire and do nothing? Well, here’s a photo to help you daydream back to the warmer days of fall…yes, this photo was taken in Oahu in the early days of November. ENJOY and HAPPY ALOHA DREAMIN’…

You so deserve it!


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