We are proud to announce the smooth, easy arrival (even her Mama, Joanna, admits it) of the newest addition to our ever growing family: Beautiful baby girl, named VIOLET CHRISTINA. Violet is named after her Great grandmother Violet, and Aunt Christina. She was born on March 18th at 10:17 pm, just approximately 30 minutes after the OB walked in to begin the process of delivering her!

Mama, Joanna, and Papa Rich are all doing fine, feeling forever grateful at her safe and healthy arrival. (She scored a superb 9 on the Apgar test!) Weighing in at a petite 6.2 pounds, 17″ tall, her Mama exclaimed, “It is such a miracle…she’s so beautiful and so content!”

As you’ll notice from these very early photos taken by her Uncle Garrett just minutes after her delivery, she’s already accustomed to photo ops…even offering a smile! By the way, it was Uncle Garrett who also gave Violet’s mama–(his “favorite sister” as Joanna claims :-)– a heartfelt blessing and offered a prayer shortly after Joanna arrived at the hospital, asking for Heavenly Father’s tender care that all would go well. Thank you Uncle Garrett. HE answered all our prayers!

Now only three more to go before the year is over as we await the Spring arrival of Violet’s cousins: Chrissy and Shelby’s twins; and in the Fall, the arrival of McKell and Brennen’s baby. Will we get a Joseph Gee the 7th? Such exciting times in the Gee-Henderson family tree!!!

Welcome to the World Violet…WE ALL LOVE YOU SO!

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