Dearest friends and fans of ESCAPESEEKER,

Thank you for all of your notes and positive feedback about Monday night’s KOCE-TV broadcast of ESCAPESEEKER.  Our entire ESCAPESEEKER team is very happy to learn that it made you want to hop on the next plane to France!  We’re also especially pleased that many of you have indicated how much you are learning from watching each of the episodes.  That just makes our day!

The ESCAPESEEKER team at Villa Gallici in Aix en Provence, doing what we love to do!

The great news–with a brand new year, comes a multitude of brand new opportunities for the ESCAPESEEKER team!  2010 will find us capturing the “Art of Living” at the Montage Laguna Beach Resort and Spa, followed by our return to French Polynesia to film, “TAHITI:  Oh Heaven’s Heaven.”  

  Pondering the ESCAPESEEKER life at the Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort and Thalasso Spa
And, another exciting aspect of our 2010 destinations? Many will be located within the United States and fall under the ESCAPESEEKER theme of “No Passport?  No Problem!”  Ok, at least that applies to our PBS viewership.  For our international fans following us via all forms of cybercommunication–please, no problem–feel free to cross the oceans and explore our massive North American continent with our ESCAPESEEKER team!  

There is so much to see, new friends to be made, adventures to embrace–we’re so excited to get back on the road…with or without our passports!  From the shores of Waikiki… to the rugged, winding coastline of Big Sur…to the enchanting City By The Bay–San Francisco…to the glamour of Hollywood…we’ll even test our luck where the “Surf Meets the Turf”–Del Mar!  

By the time we finish filming those adventures, we’ll be ready to cross the Atlantic once again for some unfinished La Dolce Vita in Positano and Sorrento, along with  an infusion of joie de vivre in the City of Lights–yes, you’ve guessed it– Paris!  We’ve lined up one amazing Parisien to be our personal insider–“Monsieur Paris” as I like to refer to him because he knows everybody in the city and beyond–will show us how to do Paris in absolute style!  Talk about savoir faire –just know that ESCAPESEEKER is about to illuminate the City of Lights!

I’m just hoping that our team goal of whipping ourselves into shape before we dive into the crystal clear, turquoise waters of the Tuamotu Archipelago in March will prove successful.  So I must end my report for now.  It’s almost 8:30 in Texas and I’ve gotta do 20 push-ups!  Yes team, I haven’t missed a day yet since I made my promise.  I love the gift of a new beginning.  Thank you 2010, and HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.

Here’s to never-ending blissful ESCAPES!

With love,



  1. geecru says:

    lookin awesome. i visited the site and it's looking great too. the video seems to be working better.

  2. Escapeseeker says:

    Thank you ESCAPESEEKER FAN! I so appreciate your unwavering support.

  3. Escapeseeker says:

    Thank you ESCAPESEEKER FAN! I so appreciate your unwavering support.

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