Hello Fellow Escapeseekers
Greetings from Newport Beach, California. It is an absolutely gorgeous day in the O.C. It’s all I can do to stay indoors with this sunshine beaming through my office skylight. For a little change of pace from my current editing assignment, I occasionally visit my Facebook page to see what my friends are up to–since there are a few who are religious at providing minute by minute updates. It is always nice to see the amazing eclectic collection of activities that my friends are actively engaged in…and today, my friend, Cindy Hoots from Seattle (who works on the philanthropic arm of Starbucks) brought this to my attention. Thank you Cindy!

There’s another kind of revolution sweeping the world…thanks to the inspiring motivation of one man, Mark Johnson. It is a music revolution…weaving people from every corner of the world…from every walk of life…together with music. Let me say no more. Just click to the video links at right, PLAYING FOR CHANGE, and take a look…pay particular attention to the last video link–the PBS BILL MOYERS interview with this truly exceptional individual, Mark Johnson. It will fill you with so much hope for the future of our world, and that maybe, just maybe PEACE can be attainable. No weapons…just MUSIC:

Have a PEACEful, LOVEfilled Saturday.

Smile, Sing, and Spread the LOVE…do what you can to help make the world a more HARMONIOUS place.


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