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Seeking the Greatest Destinations in the World,

One Luxury Escape at a Time!

...Proving once again that there's no destination on earth, too far, or too difficult to reach!

For inveterate globetrotter Mel Gee Henderson and her talented film crew, travel is like air. They cannot live without it!  Mel thrives on serendipitous encounters, embraces the unexpected adventure, and charms locals everywhere. Mel’s background as a seasoned journalist and Washington Congressional staffer, combined with her philanthropic activities, introduced her to the globetrotting lifestyle, and took her everywhere, from gatherings on the French Riviera to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Along the way, Mel’s winning personality opened doors and created lasting friendships with people we would all love to hang out with – from scholars to international royalty, to celebrated chefs, to maverick fashionistas, to musical artists, and even some of Hollywood’s A-list stars. It’s the desire to share these amazing experiences with others, to inspire and demonstrate that they too can explore our beautiful world and embrace cultures different from our own that has motivated Mel to create the breathtaking new television series ESCAPESEEKER.

ESCAPESEEKER introduces viewers to the most luxurious adventures, and to the people who live these adventures. It’s Conde Nast –beautiful exotic locations filmed in high-def–-meets Iconoclasts–-intimate conversation with the culture makers, ‘movers and shakers’ of our time.


~ Mel Gee Henderson, Journalist/Host of ESCAPESEEKER

“An extraordinary format, implemented by an extraordinary team, which in turn is led by an extraordinary lady, for the TV series Escapeseeker, Mel Gee Henderson travels around the world with her colleagues, reporting from the most beautiful places on earth in a completely new light for viewers.”

ADEYAKA Magazine feature story entitled, “A Thing of Beauty”)

My ESCAPESEEKER vehicle, I named her 'Princess Grace' because of her sheer beauty and power!

Entire story available on INFINITI Ipad app, free download, click on   ADEYAKA Magazine.

The following are the descriptions of the first 9 episodes of ESCAPESEEKER which premieres on August 27, 2011 on PBS SoCal—the #1 PBS station in Southern California, which continually strives to interactively educate, entertain, and enlighten millions of viewers with outstanding quality programs.

ESCAPESEEKER seeks to find the true essence of "La Dolce Vita!"

La Dolce Vita

In this two-episodes, Italian feature, ESCAPESEEKER travels to the most sought after destinations, capturing Italy’s legendary passion for art, history, fashion, pasta and man’s greatest driving machines.

Episode 1: Air Date, August 27, 2011

We introduce you to Venetian Roberto Bocus, who shows us the world’s most famous floating city from his native perspective. We’ll  embrace man’s fascination with fast, bright red Italian cars, and we’ll also meet with Tiziana Frescobaldi, whose historic Florentine family has been at the forefront of Tuscan wine-making for 738 years!

Episode 2: Air Date, September 3, 2011

We travel to Italy’s Food Capital—Bologna—and learn the secrets to making the perfect pasta. We also go behind the scenes at Bologna’s most famous factory—that of the Lamborghini! We’ll continue on to the Eternal City—Rome—where art, history and fashion sizzles! We’ll get the ultimate insider’s look into the world’s smallest sovereign state—The Vatican, and witness the plethora of art that draws millions to its doors. You haven’t seen the Sistine Chapel quite like this!

Rocky Mountain High

In Rocky Mountain High, we travel to what is often referred to by the world’s top anglers as “Fishing Nirvana.” Three Forks Ranch & Spa has a multitude of sporting activities to enjoy summer or winter! Interestingly enough, no arm-twisting was necessary to convince our ESCAPESEEKER team to capture and experience it both seasons!

Episode 3: Air Date, September 10, 2011

High into the Rockies is exactly how far we had to go to find the most luxurious mountain retreat—Three Forks Ranch & Spa, a “Sportsman’s Nirvana” nestled along the three forks of the Little Snake River, a region rich in history and legends. This mountain escape is so remote that Butch Cassidy and his “Hole in the Wall Gang” found it the ideal haven to hide from the law!

The ultimate 'Rocky Mountain High' awaits you at THREE FORKS RANCH and SPA!

Episode 4: Air Date, September 17, 2011

The Rockies turns into a winter wonderland, and it doesn’t get any more magical than the quiet solitude this Little Snake River Valley provides, where each night you can gaze at billions of stars above. By day, we take you on a multitude of activities, whether whisking along on a snowmobile, gliding quietly along on cross-country skis, or trekking along on a self-paced snowshoe tour, the breathtaking beauty of nature’s winter will astound you.

The easiest way to island hop on FIJI!

Fiji: Pure Paradise

In Fiji: Pure Paradise, ESCAPESEEKER searched far and wide to find the most “Eco-Friendly” luxury destination on earth—The Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort.

Episode 5: Air Date, September 24, 2011

Yes, if the name “Cousteau” conjures up images of deep sea adventures—you’re absolutely right! It’s also just a short seaplane ride from Yadua Taba—home of the highly endangered Fijian Crested Iguana. At this resort, you can be diving legend Cousteau one day, and explorer Indiana Jones the next. We’ll show you how, and introduce you to the ”smiliest people on earth!”

The world famous K CLUB, home of the 2006 Ryder Cup

The Emerald Isle

Ireland: Land of One-hundred Thousand Welcomes – Steeped in history, natural beauty and full of breathtaking vistas, Ireland’s smiling faces gave Mel no option but to return with her ESCAPESEEKER film crew!

Episode 6: Air Date, October 1, 2011

ESCAPESEEKER attempts to learn the most revered sport in this region—GOLF! And what better place than the home of the 2006 Ryder Cup: The K Club. With its Arnold Palmer designed courses, and uniquely Irish, post-golf Spa treatments—what’s not to like about this sport? And, if you’re not keen on chasing a little white ball with a stick—no worries, the Irish are happy to show you how to skillfully jump fences on horseback! And your best reward … a pint of that unmistakable black brew—Guinness for everyone!

Tour de France

ESCAPESEEKER Tour de France: After an entire decade of traveling from Paris to Cannes by plane or train, ESCAPESEEKER host, Mel Gee Henderson, a veteran journalist assigned to cover the annual Cannes Film Festival—decided it was time to take the road less traveled in her own version of ESCAPESEEKER Tour de France, embracing all things French in these two episodes of pure joie de vivre!

Art Inspiring Life of Provence!

Episode 7: Air Date, October 8, 2011

ESCAPESEEKER takes to the beautiful country roads of France in luxury and style as we unveil her best-kept secrets. We put Infiniti’s 500,000 euro proto-type luxury G-37 Convertible to the test—from the emerald Champagne region—home of the famous bubbly—to the limestone rich soil of Saint Emilion—where the sweet aroma of the famous macaroon fills the air.

Episode 8: Air Date, October 15, 2011

ESCAPESEEKER takes you to the art-inspiring lavender-scented  Provence where we walk in the footsteps of Paul Cezanne, learn how to navigate the colorful local markets, delve into the decadent beaches of the French Riviera, and ascend to the historic mountain top medieval town of Saint Paul.

The Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast: Heaven on Earth—Its name is derived from that of the nymph, Amalfi, beloved by Hercules. Legend has it that after she died, he buried her here in the world’s most beautiful spot.

Episode 9: Air Date, October 22, 2011

Amalfi Coast:  Heaven on Earth—We recommend not waiting until after you die to see what heaven is like—Welcome to the Amalfi Coast! We visit this jaw-dropping beautiful coastline in Europe, with its hair-raising, white-knuckles, vertigo-inducing Amalfi Drive. Once you catch your breath, we take you to our heavenly abode—the historic Palazzo Sasso, located 1,000 feet high above the sparkling Tyrrhenian Sea in the tiny town of Ravello, which has long been the secret retreat of writers, musicians, and even politicians.


We hope you’ll all stay tuned. Following completion of the broadcasts of the first nine episodes, future broadcast dates of subsequent episodes will also be announced.

In the meantime, the entire ESCAPESEEKER team thanks you for your continued support. We hope you too are enjoying a SUMMER of BLISSFUL, NEVER-ENDING ESCAPES!

With love,

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