Dallas, Texas — We are pleased to announce the addition of two talented individuals to serve on our ESCAPESEEKER “Advance Research Team” (ART).  They are:   Christina Noakes, Production Assistant and Creative Adviser; and Lisa Hensley, Stills Photographer.

Christina Noakes, captured here on the 12th hole of THE CHALLENGER course at the Four Seasons Resort Lana'i, still taking notes on her iPad, was born disciplined! Her attention to details knows no bounds. But if you think she's the typical Business/Finance Management Grad, you will be very wrong. Most people who spend even five minutes with Christina usually go away saying, "She is the kindest, most beautiful person I've ever met!" And, her two brothers plus three sisters will be the first to agree! Of course there is also her husband, Shelby and their twin babies who absolutely adore her.


The traits I look for as I’m “building” my ESCAPESEEKER team, first and foremost, is that of resiliency and the ability to work as a team.  Because we always travel in groups for long periods of time and meet new people around the world continually, it is crucial that each team member also possess a natural affinity for people.  And, Lisa and Christina are no exception!

I also admire that Lisa and Christina are very real–in that in addition to the talents they bring to the team,  they are very engaged in there own lives, beyond ESCAPESEEKER.


Since joining Ballet Arizona in 2004, Christina has danced in soloist and featured roles in numerous performances, and danced in many other classical ballets including Paquita, Coppelia, Romeo and Juliet, La Sylphide, Swan Lake, and Giselle.  Over the past twelve years, Christina has enjoyed sharing her dance knowledge and experience by teaching an array of dancers—from young children learning ballet for the first time, to university-level dancers, to competitive figure skaters.  Christina received her early training with the Jacqueline Colledge School of Classical Ballet and in 1998 joined the Utah Regional Ballet.  She has won several ballet awards including full scholarships to the Jen Wong School of Dance in Beijing, China and Utah Valley University.  Christina was accepted into summer programs with Pacific Northwest Ballet and City Ballet in San Francisco on full scholarship and has toured Austria and Amsterdam. Christina retired from Ballet Arizona in 2008 to dedicate time to her twins and teaching, and assist the ESCAPESEEKER team whenever the featured destination calls for her unique athletic abilities and intrinsic artistic perspective.

Lisa Hensley's Motto: "You won't do anyone a favor by running away from your dream. The greater good will be served as you go for the thing you want. What you want wants you." After spending 9 days with Lisa, I think what she wants is to capture the PERFECT PICTURE. And, on the island of Lana'i--she came very, very close. Just ask artist, Mike Carroll who immortalized the image by transforming it into an oil painting! He was so moved by its beauty. WOW LISA!

Lisa Hensley is a natural multi-tasker–and that definitely is a welcome ESCAPESEEKER trait! Everyone on the team wears many hats, depending on what’s needed during each episode shoot.  Lisa, a mother of six, is able to run her photography business, and care for her growing family too.

I definitely relate to Lisa–six children was my magic number too.  And, like Lisa, I believe in following your dream.  We recognize that there are many seasons to a woman’s life–and in the blink of an eye or so it seems, our children are grown and on their own, living happy, productive lives.

So, let our examples inspire you…don’t swim against the tide…if your current situation requires you to be a stay-at-home Mom–embrace it.  But don’t let go of that dream…let it simmer–do a little here, a little there, continually nurture your talents–because sooner or later your day will come.  And, nothing will be more satisfying than when you can look back and know that you met the responsibilities that life handed you…and when your time arrives for you to soar–your wings will be ready and able!


I truly appreciate working with a team that recognizes the  unique task we have been given.  And, it’s a tremendous JOY working with individuals who meet each new day and travel opportunity with so much gratitude.  This is what makes the ESCAPESEEKER travel series different from the others.  Our entire team gratefully and respectfully acknowledges the incredible trust that has been place in all of us to capture the true essence of every destination we feature.  Building friendships all along the way is an absolute added bonus!

Thank you team…for being the talented, dedicated ESCAPESEEKER that you are!

What’s next for our film team?  We’re traveling in November to the picturesque, “California Riviera” town of LAGUNA BEACH to film the ESCAPESEEKER “ART OF LIVING” episode, anchored around the postcard-perfect luxury resort of MONTAGE LAGUNA BEACH.  If you’d like to get a sneak peak at this stunning retreat which just joined the ranks of  Conde Nast BEST SPAS in the World rating, feel free to click below.  Who knows, maybe we’ll see you there?  We sure hope so!

With love and appreciation for the BLISSFUL, ENDLESS ESCAPES…

Mel joyfully exclaims, "I love being the ESCAPESEEKER!"

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