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Writer, Nature lover, HENRY DAVID THOREAU, who always looked to nature for greater intensity and meaning for his life once said, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined!”

Welcome to
Three Forks Ranch. A nature lover’s paradise…a place built on one man’s dream. This week, the ESCAPESEEKER film team had the opportunity to experience what life is like in the remote corners of Northern Colorado–where God seemed to have worked overtime creating one of the most beautiful, breathtaking place on earth!

Our entire team discovered a new reverence for nature, and for the cowboy’s way of life, which by the end of the week, we were more than happy to embrace in every regard…as we quickly learned, it is tough work being a real cowboy!

We hope you’ll stay tune to PBS/KOCE-TV ESCAPESEEKER episode, entitled, “Rocky Mountain High” slated to air in October when we will introduce you to the hearty, genuine folks whose vision and focus now enable others (just like me) to live and enjoy the life they’ve imagined!

Mike, Mel and Jay after a successful cattle drive. I’m sure Jay, Three Forks Ranch GM is very relieved that I managed to stay on my horse. Frankly, so am I! Look around, this is definitely “God’s Country!”

Proof that you can make a cowgirl out of a city girl!

Thank you Jay, Justin, Allison, and all the seasoned cowboys who helped our ESCAPESEEKER film team capture your unique western lifestyle!

Less we forget, we must also thank our supporting cast, Augustus McCrae Linderman, Ranch Mascot, who kept a lookout for us city folks, every step of the way. Thanks Gus!!

With love and respect for your nature-loving way of life…

Mel and the ESCAPESEEKER team

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