It’s Saturday, This must be FIRENZE!

The Tuscan Suite in the Hotel Bernini Palace. I love my suite!

A great gathering place–The Brunello

Firenze, Italy–We were greeted with a BANG…Literally…We were just beginning to pull our suitcases away from the train station in Florence, when suddenly, we heard a very loud bang that sounded like a gun. Out of reflex, I actually found myself ducking. Our photographer and his fiancee also quickly looked around to see if anyone around us had dropped to the ground. What a relief it was to discover that it was actually the electrical wires connected to the train had shorted out. Clearly, our ESCAPESEEKER team has been watching too many ‘Jason Bourne’ films (Thanks Roy) 🙂

Florence is FABULOUSLY BEAUTIFUL…even with the crowds who flock here…who can blame them? It’s a must see, must do, top ten item on everyone’s “bucket list.” And, if you visit Florence, I absolutely recommend staying at the HOTEL BERNINI PALACE. You will feel the Tuscan spirit the minute you enter…and wait until you see the rooms. The one of a kind, tailor-made leather furnishings will remind you why Florence has also become world renowned for their leather artisans. There’s this golden brown leather trunk that sits at the foot of my bed–it is the entire width of my bed–oh my gosh, stunning! How I would love to bring that home!

Here you go, you can take a peak of what Florence is like via HOTEL BERNINI’s website:

Gotta run now. They’re taking us to a restaurant right in the heart of the city for a little lunch before we venture into the countryside to enjoy a summer concert by Andrea Bocelli. Speaking of summer–should you decide to visit Florence in the peak of summer, make sure you take very light, breezy, cotton clothing. A great hat to protect your face from the sun combined with protective sunglasses is also a good idea.

I’ll write again very soon,

Sending lots of love and Tuscan sunshine to all,


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