“The World’s Only Five Billion Star Resort”

Savery, Wyoming–If I seem a little too excited, you should hear the reaction of my film crew when I announced that we had booked the flights to Denver, where the THREE FORKS RANCH team will be waiting for us. From there we will travel by 4-wheel drive Yukons SUV into the high mountain aspens where a 200,000 acre working cattle ranch, known as THREE FORKS RANCH straddles the Wyoming/Colorado border. It is where we will begin the ultimate winter wonderland odyssey on February 27th!

This Indian Sculpture is just one of the many western
works of art that can be admired at Three Forks Ranch

Because of the high elevation–Three Forks Ranch is at 7,200 feet, our entire crew has seriously begun working out to get in tip top shape…now that’s serious enthusiasm! It’s not that we’re in bad shape, but then again, how tough do you think it will be for my cinematographers who have to ski and shoot at the same time? Needless to say, this is going to be one very cool adventure!

Have you ever heard of “Concierge Down-Hill Skiing”? This is something only made available to Three Forks Ranch guests: No ticket lines, no lift lines! Just a guide and/or instructor plus a catered lunch are all included in this one-of-a-kind ski experience. Three Forks Ranch guests are taken to a private condo at the base of the mountain at Steamboat Springs where they are outfitted with just the right equipment, handed lift tickets, and its off to the mountain, where the guides can show you the very best runs based on your ability!

And after a day of invigorating “champagne powder” skiing, guess what awaits you upon your return to the Three Forks Lodge? SPA TREATMENTS of our choice at its own ROARING FORK SPA! Oh, I must stop writing. This is just the beginning…there’s also the Snowmobiling with quiet, environmentally sensitive, 4-cycle Ski-Doo’s, snowshoeing and cross country skiing, dog sledding and sleigh rides too.

And to top it off–the ESCAPESEEKER team will also get to capture Three Forks Ranch in the Fall when its golden colors are in full bloom and the activity turns to what else? FLY FISHING!! And according to fly-fishing enthusiasts, Fly Fishing at the headwaters at Three Forks Ranch where the Middle Fork, North Fork, and South Fork of the LITTLE SNAKE RIVER all flow together is absolute “Fishing Nirvana”!

Here’s a story told from an “Angler’s Perspective”:

While standing on the banks of the Little Snake River, a noted fly fisherman was asked why he had chosen this endeavor as his life’s pursuit. His simple answer was, “In search of River Astraeus.” He was then asked, “Have you ever found it?” The fisherman answered, “Today, my son, today I have found my River Astraeus.”

It turns out that the River Astraeus, in ancient Macedonia was the birthplace of fly fishing as early as 170 A.D. This seasoned angler, while casting his dry fly during one of the epic hatches at Three Forks Ranch, had found his Nirvana. He had found his River Astraeus.

You, too, can absorb yourself into this meditative and even spiritual passion that most non-anglers have a hard time comprehending. Three Forks Ranch and The Little Snake River offer you an opportunity to immerse yourself into a lifestyle that challenges your spirit and cleanses your soul. Sixteen miles of private trout stream, 30 oxbow ponds and two alpine lakes offer water that challenges the novice angler and purist alike.

Summer/Fall activities at the Ranch also include hiking, ATV tours, horseback riding, sporting clays, and wildlife viewing.

There’s an old adage you’ll often hear in this part of the world–“The outside of a horse is great for the inside of a man.” Horseback riding is a favorite activity at Three Forks Ranch. It is an awesome way to discover the less traveled areas of the ranch. Whether you are on a trail ride or helping the Ranch’s cowboys move cattle, you will experience firsthand the magnitude and spectacular beauty of this slice of the American West.

The Little Snake River Valley was borne of hope and despair, triumph and tragedy. The fortitude of the early settlers shaped the land–bought and paid for in blood, sweat, and tears. It is through their invincible efforts that enable us now to get even a small glimpse of what it is like to live and work and play, to truly thrive in what many proudly call, “God’s Country!”

The entire ESCAPESEEKER team feel truly blessed to have this opportunity to capture it all on film so others may share in its beauty, its unique and colorful history (this valley is the former hide out of Butch Cassidy and his “Hole in the Wall Gang”) and perhaps even be inspired to seek out this Rocky Mountain escape destination for themselves.

To learn more about Three Forks Ranch, go to:

I have a better idea–honestly, why not book your own Rocky Mountain High experience? As many of you know, unless I’m summiting Kilimanjaro, I’m not really into roughing it. 🙂 As you will note from their website–there’s nothing rough about Three Forks Ranch! Everything from the exquisite dining experience to the impeccable service and attention afforded each and every guest–it is VIP treatment all the way. We can’t wait to share our experiences with our viewing audience.

Please stay tuned ESCAPESEEKER fans…you’ll get to view all of our adventures in stunning high-def, absolute living color, on KOCE-TV this Fall when ESCAPESEEKER joins its brand new Fall-line up. Oh, Yeah!!! ESCAPESEEKER continues to be one glorious adventure for me, and my talented, dedicated team, as we continue our quest to find the greatest escape destinations in the world!

Gotta go, I’ve got another plane to catch.

Here’s to blissful escapes…

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