To all of my ESCAPESEEKER BLOG readers:

It has been suggested that perhaps I should create two separate blog pages–one for my family updates and another for my work-related experiences.

After giving this suggestion a great deal of thought, I realized that it is something quite difficult for me to do, as my family experiences is so intertwined with who I am, my life’s goals and ambitions. And, because so many of the people with whom I work eventually become my life-long friends and colleagues…soon, they too, feel like part of our family.

Bottom line, I am the total sum of my life’s experiences…I am first a wife and mother, grandmother, and friend. Second, I feel tremendously blessed to have many opportunities to put my journalism skills and talents to good use in a varied career that has taken me to some of the most beautiful, often remote, unique places on earth. Because of these opportunities, we, individually and collectively as a family, have gained greater understanding of other cultures, were inspired to learn languages different from our own–as well as established friendships with people of all faiths and race. What a colorful life’s tapestry I have woven–like the spectrum of a beautiful rainbow–my life is oh, so interestingly full, complete with challenges and triumphs.

Thank you all– devoted friends, family and colleagues–for the love and joy and work fulfillment you bring to my life!

With gratitude,


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