Goodbye Japan…We will be back…

Narita Airport — As I wait to board my return flight back to the USA, I can’t help but reflect at how much we’ve learned since our ESCAPESEEKER Advance Research Team set foot on Japan 11 days ago.  Yet, I am also totally cognizant of the fact that we’ve barely scratched the surface…realizing we have a tremendous challenge before us if we are to do justice to this remarkably ancient culture, one steeped in tradition,  yet one so technologically advanced.  Well, we will definitely give it all we’ve got.

Unfortunately, my flight is being called, so I must close for now, and will pick up where I left off upon landing in the Lone Star State.  In the meantime, ponder these few images…and tell me if these do not make you hop on the next plane to Japan?

Catch you soon…

Here’s to Blissful Escapes,


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