July 10, 2010

Hello ESCAPESEEKER Fans and Friends,

I know how hard it is to change from using something so familiar (blogspot) to something so new (wordpress). Like they often say, “Why fix it, if it ain’t broken?” Well,  just to ensure we cover all our ESCAPESEEKER bases, I’ve decided to continue writing for  both blog sites.

It has been a very exciting, sizzling last few weeks, as we continue to prepare for our program’s national feed at the end of the summer. We’re working very closely with the WQED team and NETA to ensure that all the Premiere Season episodes meet PBS’ strict guidelines. The good news–we haven’t had to change too much in the way of content. However, we have been asked to make a few adjustments on the format of our program credits–which we revised, and resubmitted, and we’re now waiting on the second approval. If you must know, great care is given to the review of every single episode. By the time it hits the airwaves, you will know that you’re watching the multi-tweaked version. It is no wonder PBS is the most trusted name in America huh? Even with all the intense guidelines we are called to follow, we feel extremely privileged to be included in the PBS/WQED superb program roster of longest running hits. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that ESCAPESEEKER will be around for a very long time too. We thank all of you for your continued and unwavering support!

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If you are amongst the very lucky iPad owners, please download INFINITI’s global magazine “Adeyaka” application. It was launched across the globe on July 2nd and features a story about ESCAPESEEKER, as well as a clip of our French road adventure. To find out how you do it, please click below:

Honestly, watching our film trailer on the iPad is simply superb. The high def resolution is just that much more defined! Please check it out.

Our Globetrotting 2010 Fall schedule:

For those of you loyal followers, who maybe tempted to follow in our ESCAPESEEKER footsteps, here’s our latest Fall schedule:

September 1-19th — Our filming adventure in JAPAN: Land of the Rising Sun, which includes my premiere climb to Japan’s highest peak, Fuji-san, rising 12,390 feet, with its near-perfect cone “floating lilac-gray” or snow-capped above the hilltops and low cloud.

Fuji-san beckons our ESCAPESEEKER team...We cannot think of a better place to capture the RISING SUN than from the "Roof of Japan"!

Until 100 years ago, Fuji-san was considered so sacred that it was climbed only by priests and pilgrims; women were not allowed until 1872. Now 138 years later, I, ESCAPESEEKER, will get the tremendous privilege. I am so ready. My entire team is very excited!

October 1-9th — Aloha! The beautiful islands of Oahu and Lana’i beckons our “ART”–Advance Research Team–as we unveil the unique history and heritage of Hawaii.

Our Oahu story will be anchored around the “House Befitting Heaven”– the 100 year-old luxury hospitality tradition of the famous HALEKULANI. Our goal, is to prove, as my Hawaiian father used to say, “There’s more to Waikiki than meets the eye!” Yes, just another tough assignment for the ESCAPESEEKER Advance Research Team!

"House Befitting Heaven" --The Halekulani Celebrates 100 years of luxurious hospitality on Waikiki

From Oahu, we will travel to Lana’i…to experience an island like no other…where sea and sand meet ancient, Pine tree-lined pathways. Our home bases while we explore this untouched tiny island playground, and experience our own private Hawaii are the two Four Seasons luxury resorts on Manele Bay (our Biologist/Film Director/underwater film aficionado, Jason Wise will love discovering that this exclusive resort borders a marine reserve teaming with with colorful reef fish and protected species such as green sea turtles and spinner dolphins). I think I’ll regain my crew’s nickname for me of “Fairy Godmother” once more with this one!

Lana'i...Our own "Private Hawaii"

And, as if this wasn’t enough, our ART will continue on to the Four Seasons, Lodge at Koele.

The resort, hidden within the central highlands of Lana’i, Four Seasons captures a unique perspective of Hawaii’s natural beauty, nestled in peaceful tranquillity, along with two world-ranked golf courses and more exciting adventures on land and at sea.

The towering Pines of the Four Seasons Koele Lodge

Ok, who wouldn’t want to be a member of our ESCAPESEEKER dream team? Well, as many of you filmmakers and TV producers know, there’s a lot of work that goes on between story inception and broadcast date. Nevertheless, these work assignments do not get any better! How about this for a working title: “I Am Hawaii, I am Forever”–and that’s exactly what we’re hoping to do–find the real Hawaii, the Hawaiians all work and pray will always endure!

October 25-31 — “Paris, Mon Amour” –yes, who isn’t in-love with the City of Lights–PARIS! This episode filming has been in the works for several seasons, and this Fall, we’re thrilled to finally capture this magnificent city cast in the golden hues of crisp Autumn. Our team will bask in the beauty of the 2nd arrondissement–as our home will be the exquisite 5-star luxury hotel, Park Hyatt Paris – Vendome! It is located in the heart of Paris, on the prestigious Rue de la Paix, and within walking distance of the Place Vendôme and the Place de la Concorde, the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, the Louvre and Musée d’Orsay, as well as other major landmarks.

Paris, Mon Amour...for every season!

Can we please consider the most exclusive shops on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré landmarks? Yes, Paris, Mon Amour.

If you think our schedule sounds exciting, wait until you see what’s in store for the rest of the year, as we span the California coastline featuring the creme de la creme of 5-star resorts under our banner of “No Passport? No Problem.”

The Ultimate Romantic Hideaway -- Post Ranch Inn, high above the ruggedly beautiful Big Sur coastline!

We understand that there are those moments when we just want to hop in our shiny cruiser with our significant other and drive that exciting, rugged California Big Sur coastline. Ok, here’s a sneak peak at one of our California destinations:

VAROOM, VAROOM! Get those motors running ESCAPESEEKER fans!

Please stay tuned…here’s to never-ending BLISSFUL ESCAPES!

With love,


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