ESCAPESEEKER To Unveil Mind-Expanding, Physically Exhilarating Travel Destinations in “CHILE: Long, Lean, and Simply Spectacular!”

Los Angeles ~ After five rigorous, albeit exciting weeks of filming what will be four of the most action-packed episodes in ESCAPESEEKER history, I’ll be the first to admit (as I momentarily say goodbye to any semblance of humility) that I was totally inspired to entitle our upcoming Chile feature, “CHILE:  Long, Lean, and Simply Spectacular”.  Frankly, back in February when our Advance Research Team (ART) including our Chief Stills Photographer, Weston Hall explored a big chunk of Chile–from its most southern tip, to its northern high desert, and across the Pacific to incorporate its mystical island of Rapa Nui–we felt as though we had just uncovered the world’s best kept secret!  It took us an entire month to complete the ESCAPESEEKER Advance Research (Phase I) of the Chile episodes selection process.  We returned to the U.S. with a wealth of images to guide my script-writing, (Phase II) of the Chile project.  Weston’s images were jaw-dropping, and I would spend countless hours sifting through them one by one, providing just the inspiration I needed to write four distinctly different episodes highlighting each of the four major Chilean regions we had visited.  Eight sleep-challenged, food deprived days later, I came out of isolation and handed my Producer, Christina Tucker  Wise, all four scripts from which she began constructing our filming rundown.  And, on April 1, 2011, our ESCAPESEEKER film team  arrived in Santiago, Chile’s historic capital, to acclimate to our new time zone before we began the most ambitious filming assignment (Phase III) in ESCAPESEEKER history.

I’m happy to report that on May 7th we returned to Los Angeles after successfully  completing the most unforgettable filming adventure of a lifetime!  In the next few days, I will be  giving you an inside peak into our Chilean adventure beginning with our First stop–Puerto Montt, just an easy 1:40- minute LAN Airlines flight from Santiago:

Our first Chile domestic flight, in case you wish to duplicate our adventure:  LAN #061:  SCL/PMC

ESCAPESEEKER meets the Captain and crew of the Nomads of the Seas‘ Yacht,  The Atmosphere, for the first time…anticipation, excitement builds as I realize The Atmosphere is even more beautiful in person!

Day 1 of Filming:  CHILE: Long, Lean, and Simply Spectacular! Well, SPECTACULAR is exactly how it feels boarding this private vessel specifically designed to explore the clear waters of Northern Patagonia. There is truly no destination too difficult to reach for this luxurious Yacht, The Atmosphere, complete with its accompanying Bell 407 Helicopter.


After settling into our respective cabins, it didn’t take long before we were whisked away in the Bell 407 Helicopter piloted by the Yacht’s owner, a superb sports’ enthusiast,  and President of Nomads of the Seas, Andrés Ergas.  Our first mission–to find a “virgin river” and fish where no man–well, ok, at least no woman has ever fished before!

Andrés Ergas, the ultimate Angler! Fly-fishing the most beautiful rivers in the world has been his life's passion, and he will gladly admit, "Chilean Patagonia is one of the most wonderful places on earth!"

Not only is our fly-fishing destination selected for its singular beauty, but the fishing condition is incomparable.  The humid and cold southern forest hosts an abundant variety of rainbow and brown trout as well as salmon species.  With the Bell 407 Helicopter, Anglers can access a variety of options–from cold crystal clear rivers with varied flows to winding inlets, and spring creeks, lakes or lagoons.

With seasoned guides at my beck and call to teach and advise, I decided it was definitely time for me to get serious about learning the art of fishing.  There’s one quick realization–the Patagonia fish are really smart, after all, they live in the most pristine environment on earth, and can be very selective about what they eat.  So a study in Patagonian entomology is not a bad idea.  Or you can do what I did, and just examine what the pros are using!

Just another example of what you can expect to catch in these crystal clear Patagonian rivers.


Our voyage to the central-southern areas of Chilean Patagonia covers over 750 kilometers/405 nautical miles from our embarking point of Puerto Montt to the Taitao Peninsula.  Zealously protected by nature, this is one corner of the world that has areas yet to be discovered.  So we decided to explore via raft.  WOW!  What an outstanding team bonding experience!  Take a peak at these snap shots of our day of “Deliverance”…unbelievably fun!

On approach...the adrenalin begins to pump...

Oh No! Keep the cameras out of the water!

Whose idea was this?

We're literally ROCKIN'!

We look back at what we just survived and breathe a sigh of relief...especially because all of our filming equipment in the other filming raft survived it too with not even a drop of moisture! Way to go Jason!

Exploring the Patagonian wilderness for several days can work up quite the appetite.  But no worries, you’re on The Atmosphere, where the Chefs take every aspect of fine dining very seriously.  Here are just a few examples.  And for a dessert lover like me, the toughest decision was choosing which one to savor–so more often than not, I opted to taste all of them!  I know what you’re thinking.  Yes, you’re right–just because I’m in the wilds of Patagonia doesn’t mean my appetite has to go wild too!  But look, can you blame me?

Oh the sweet ESCAPESEEKER life!

Tasting Chile was one tough assignment.  But someone has to do it!

The Chefs on THE ATMOSPHERE take the Art of Dining to a whole new level.

This  Nomads of the Seas al fresco style dining needs no explanation.

Simply stated, Nomads of the Seas‘ Yacht, The Atmosphere affords its special guests a once-in-a-lifetime, incredible experience.  It is one the entire ESCAPESEEKER team shall never forget.  We look forward to sharing it with all of you in  the upcoming ESCAPESEEKER 4-episodes special series entitled, “Chile: Long, Lean, and Simply Spectacular!”

The hardest part of the Nomads of the Seas experience was having to say “Goodbye!”

In the meantime, feel free to log in tomorrow when you can get a sneak peak at Part 2 of  our Chilean Adventure as we explore the most southern tip of the South American continent from our ESCAPESEEKER base,  HOTEL SALTO CHICO, the only luxury hotel located within the breathtaking Torres del Paine National Park!

Join us on ESCAPESEEKER, when we prove once again that there’s no destination on earth too far, too difficult, or too SPECTACULAR to reach!

Hasta luego amigos…


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