Moorea — Or perhaps I should switch the dateline to read, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”– for as I write this, I realize I am quickly running out of fingers trying to keep track of how many rainbows we have captured on film during our first two weeks in French Polynesia.  I just asked my team if maybe we should consider changing the episode title?  And, they quickly responded, “No way!  TAHITI: OH HEAVEN’S HEAVEN is our mantra!”  Of course, they’re absolutely right.  Our goal of proving that ‘Heaven’s Heaven’ exist in French Polynesia thus far is proving true.  And, we have the footage and photos to prove it!

Our Producer, Christina, overseeing the filming at Radisson’s Le 5 Sens featuring the culinary artistry of Chef Lenoir.  His delicacies are true palate pleasers.

The famed Black Sand Beach at Radisson Destination Resort, Papeete

I could go on and on for hours describing what we have seen, what we have felt, what we have learned during this remarkable journey.  From our first couple of days taking in historic Tahiti Nui ( and getting a feel for the land, to diving in the Fakarava atoll in the Tuamotu Archipelago, to the remote Marquesas Islands–all explored via the luxurious vessel, m/s Paul Gauguin (,  and then hopping on an airplane for our 3.5 hour flight back from Nuku Hiva to Papeete where we overnighted just long enough to chase a world champion wakeboarder, “Rodo” (a truly unforgettable filming experience), then jumping onto a Ferry for our 30-minute  ride to magical Moorea–   our adventure is action-packed and non-stop!  We all collapse every night from exhaustion, but don’t doubt it when I tell you, we all retire each night with  smiles on our faces, still wondering how in the world we can be so blessed to be here in Heaven’s Heaven!  

Champion Wakeboarder, “Rodo” doing what he does best with such grace and style!

 The view from the Ferry as we approached the island of Moorea.  Talk about a movie set!  Simply stated, “It’s MAGICAL!”

 I am writing from the gorgeous hillside villas of The Legends Resort   ( looking out over an expanse of the turquoise waters of Moorea–where earlier, we spent most of the day observing/swimming with sharks, spinner dolphins, and other sea life that left us simply awestruck!

 Yes, these are exactly what you’re thinking.  But no worries, they’re of the friendly variety!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words– take a look at the superb  photos captured mostly by our still photographer, Brooke Miller, who has been shadowing us since day one of filming…and  you would most likely think they’re just too good to be true…so may I suggest you hop on the next Air Tahiti Nui flight–LAX/Papeete direct–and in 8 short hours, you too, can begin to share in our incredible adventure.  
Before I sign off for the evening, I must extend a huge THANK YOU to Jonathan Reap, and his tireless team at Tahiti Tourism for their invaluable guidance and support.  Can you imagine how challenging it is to move our team (equipment and all)  from island to island–some of which are only  accessible by boat?  
Our journals are all packed-full with unbelievable stories.  I know that this will be our longest ESCAPESEEKER program credits–as we are indebted to so many people in Tahiti for their unwavering support…and to think, we are only halfway finished!  The team is not eager for our assignment to come to an end –they’re just savoring every day of shooting!  How can we not?  Today, we had a three-rainbow day!  We love being the ESCAPESEEKER team!  And, we will just keep following these Tahitian rainbows…wherever they may lead…at least for 16 more glorious days!

Thank you for following us on this amazing journey.  We cannot wait to share the finished two-part episodes featuring TAHITI:  Oh Heaven’s Heaven with all of you!

 Sometimes, I have to conduct interviews wherever our subjects feel most comfortable!


With love,



  1. Christina says:

    Rainbows always play such a special role in your life. I think you are where you are supposed to be, doing what you are supposed to be doing, and the rainbows are verifying it to you:)

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