If ever there was one singular image that captures my innate insatiable wanderlust...this is it...captured by photographer, Lisa Hensley while I was standing above the "Garden of the Gods" on the island of Lana'i. I'm looking out across the 9 mile stretch of sapphire blue ocean towards the island of Molokai. It is the singular, spontaneous picture such as this that's truly worth a thousand words! Thank you Lisa for encapsulating the essence of ESCAPESEEKER...and for sharing the magic of this littlest known island, LITTLE LANA'I: BIGGER THAN LIFE!

After reviewing the thousands of images in our ESCAPESEEKER still archives, we’ve selected this image above by Lisa Hensley for our 2011 official ESCAPESEEKER poster.  Upon hearing the news, Hensley remarked, “I am so blessed to have been in the right place at just the right time!  I mean, really, we were in the “Garden of the Gods”–how could we have not gotten the perfect shot!  Great navigating from our driver, great eye on behalf of the photographer, and great posing from the model, all added up to perfection.”

Lisa Hensley is not alone in this sentiment.  In October, 2010, Upon seeing Hensley’s image of ESCAPESEEKER at Garden of the Gods, renowned artist, Mike Carroll, a Signature Member of the Plein Air Painters of Hawaii decided to duplicate the image in oil.  On December 3, 2010, Mike’s priceless gift arrived at my home, framed and ready to take center stage in our private art collection.  I guess you can say that my moment in time atop that rock garden has been “immortalized” not once, but twice by two gifted artists!  Thank you Lisa and Mike for your talented and immeasurable contribution to ESCAPESEEKER!

I wish to also extend a special Thank You to Christina Noakes whose fearless, “go for it” attitude, driving and navigational skills not only led us to this very spot…but she made sure we made it safely back to the Lodge at Koele.

We look forward to returning in June to film our ESCAPESEEKER feature episode entitled, Little Lana’i, Bigger Than Life!





Polihua Road, North Central Lanai

Garden of the Gods...Ancient Hawaiian legend states that the rocks and boulders here were dropped from the sky by the gods tending their gardens. Hence the name, Garden of the Gods.

These beautiful and unique rock formations were formed by thousands of years of erosion creating pinnacles and buttes in a remote canyon area. Colors of red, purple, and ochra earth and crusted lava create a striking lunar landscape. The area is mostly dry and often windy, making the unearthly rock formations even more eerie. The best time for viewing is early morning or late evening when the sun’s rays strike the minerals in the rock and bring out their most dynamic colors. Axis deer and mouflon may be seen grazing on the few bits of vegetation that grows here. These wild animals and several others have almost destroyed the small plant life in many areas of the island and are a favorite game of hunters that come to this area.Ancient Hawaiian legend states that the rocks and boulders here were dropped from the sky by the gods tending their gardens. Hence the name, Garden of the Gods. This site is located about 7 miles outside of Lanai City. The dirt road is well marked but only a 4-wheel drive vehicle can manage the rutted and rugged trail.

WARNING:  If there has been any recent rains, the road if may be closed and unsafe for driving. This road leads all the way to Ka’ena Point and Polihua Beach.

Take Highway 440 North out of Lanai City. You will pass the Lodge at Koele. A rock sign  on the right side of the road points toward the Garden. Turn left here on Polihua Road between the tennis courts and the horse stables. Past the stables the road becomes dirt. Turn right at the next large “intersection” and continue north-west to the site.

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