Los Angeles, California – After weeks and weeks of burning the midnight oil, my entire ESCAPESEEKER team is happy to give you a sneak preview of our ESCAPESEEKER travel series, slated to air on KOCE-TV as part of their brand new 2009 Fall Season line-up.

Our exciting filming adventures continue, so please visit my blogspot often, as the promo will continually change, as we add new footage from our upcoming destinations: In April, our team heads to the South Pacific–Pure Paradise: FIJI, where we will brave the deep turquoise waters with the seasoned scuba diving team of Jean-Michel Cousteau at FIJI ISLANDS RESORT, voted the most “eco-friendly” resort in the world! AMAZING!

Upon our return we will cruise the ruggedly stunning coastline of California’s Big Sur, where we explore the historic POST RANCH INN. By the way, speaking of “eco-friendly”–Post Ranch Inn was green long before it was cool to be green! From there we will continue on to the City By The Bay– San Francisco–a city close to my heart. If you think you know San Francisco, wait until you see what our ESCAPESEEKER team reveals. By the way, you cannot visit San Francisco without a sailing adventure. Well, that’s exactly what we are planning to do. We will sail beneath the Golden Gate Bridge with a group of seasoned sailors from the St. Francis Yacht Club. These former Olympic competitors I’m sure will take our cinematographers for quite the spin! I suggest they tie our cameramen down ok? Well, at least the cameras! Our home during this San Francisco adventure? CAVALLO POINT–the only luxury resort located on a National Park!!!

The month of May will find us crossing the Atlantic once more as we prove the luck of the Irish! We are very excited to return to the Emerald Isle and capture the stunning beauty of the K CLUB, along with its magnificent golf courses par excellence–no pun intended.

Towards the end of May will find the ESCAPESEEKER team returning to the land of La Dolce Vita…filled with the Magic of Serenissima, THE LUNA HOTEL BAGLIONI in Venice! We will also revisit the birthplace of the Rennaissance– Florence, as we immerse ourselves in beauty and culture at HOTEL RELAIS SANTA CROCE.

By June, we will be saying, “Viva La France!” Our team is so excited to unveil France’s best kept secrets as we embark on our own version of ESCAPESEEKER‘s “Tour de France”–a road adventure that will take us deep into the French countryside from the medieval villages of St. Paul de Vence to the champagne country of Epernay and Reims. This French episode is so all-encompassing, you just have to stay tuned.

To all our friends, we thank all of you for your never-ending support and dedication. And if you like what you see in the promo–just imagine what a complete episode will be! Stay tuned for our premiere, October 5, 2009!

By the way, today I learned some very exciting news! The Baglioni Hotels Collection will soon be offering the “Escapeseeker Italy Tour” –so that YOU, TOO, can have the same exciting Italian adventure!! Details to follow. But meanwhile, take a peak at our promo below, and you’ll understand why our entire team is pinching ourselves: Can our experiences possibly get any better? From the land of La Dolce Vita to the Rocky Mountain High of THREE FORKS RANCHwe continue to meet the most amazing individuals, each time teaching us new skills, and ultimately helping us to truly embrace the life well-lived. To our new-found friends around the world, WE THANK YOU for sharing our passion for life and the child-like, joyful wonder we feel as we experience the majesty of this beautiful planet earth!

On behalf of my entire ESCAPESEEKER team…

Here’s to Blissful Escapes!


Note: Please turn off the music playlist before you begin viewing the promo video below!


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    hope all is R&R in fiji. pecan called, it wants you to visit.

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