Papeete, TAHITI — The m/s Paul Gauguin has just pulled in to shore.  It has been my home for the last five days–Part 2 that is–of an adventure that began on March 13th when my film crew accompanied the ship and crew on its voyage to the Marquesas Islands.  I rejoined the ship on April 12th in Bora Bora in order that I could complete an important task that I had left unfinished.   I wanted to prove that the Paul Gauguin is truly a superb way for a novice diver like myself, to become PADI certified, and thus be even better prepared to fully enjoy the “diving mecca” environment that abounds throughout these French Polynesian Islands!

Well, with the expert guidance of the Paul Gauguin diving team, under the direction of Dive Master, Dominique Tehei, on April 16th at 10:00 AM Tahiti time, I officially became a PADI certified diver!  

I can’t wait for the day when I feel just fine showing my smile underwater like dive master, Dominique Tehei.  He is as natural being beneath the sea as he is on land.

The experience has been one mind-expanding, physically exhilirating challenge after another, as I overcame each open water diving requirement.  If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring what lies beneath these glorious French Polynesian waters, and do not quite know how to begin, I highly recommend that you book a voyage on the  m/s Paul Gauguin.  Not only will you see breathtaking, jaw-dropping vistas that uplift the soul, and mingle with the Tahitian natives who make you instantly feel like one of the family, but you can pursue the dream of swimming with more sea creatures than you ever thought possible!  All, under the watchful care and guidance of the most patient diving teachers I have ever met.

What a tremendous ending to our ESCAPESEEKER French Polynesian filming assignment!  Not only did we capture enough footage and compelling stories to fill three episodes–but I leave with a treasured new skill–one I look forward to honing as we travel to other exotic destinations around the world.  

Thank you Captain Toni Mirkovic, and the Paul Gauguin diving team for celebrating my PADI certification achievement!  Just another example of a life-enhancing opportunity that awaits all of us who dare to be a true ESCAPESEEKER!

Stay tuned for TAHITI:  OH HEAVEN’S HEAVEN — a three-episode feature on French Polynesia.  You will definitely want to see what we have discovered in our quest to determine, “If Heaven has a Heaven, is it found in TAHITI and her islands?”  Well, you will just have to watch and find out!

I better sign off for now.  I am disembarking this beautiful vessel at 3:00 AM today to catch my 6:15 AM flight from Papeete to Los Angeles.

I leave these heavenly islands with a treasure of memories.  My sincere THANK YOU  to all who  paved the way and made it all possible for our entire team to accomplish this most ambitious filming endeavor.

 I definitely began feeling very Tahitian…and looking like one too.  Now, if I can only learn to dance like a Tahitian!

 Here’s to Blissful Escapes…

With love,



  1. Christina says:

    I can't believe those photos are real! They are so beautiful they have to be a backdrop:) Can't wait to see this Golden Tahitian in person and congratulate you on wrapping the filming and getting PADI certified.

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