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Nomade Yachting…
The only way to cruise along this heart-stopping,
breathtaking, azure blue seascape
amidst emerald mountain vistas!
Newport Beach — I know…I know exactly what you’re thinking! And, yes, at this very moment, our entire Escapeseeker Advance Research Team (ART) is feeling very blessed to have the opportunity to embrace the beautiful people and unique culture of French Polynesia. On October 23rd, we will depart LAX via AIR TAHITI NUI (ATN), the international flag-carrier of Tahiti and Her Islands that links four continents to the South Pacific.

Our first stop, Papeete, Tahiti, where we will spend the first two days acclimating to our inspiring Tahitian environment before we continue on to Bora Bora to board the luxurious TI’A MOANA yacht, one of the two luxury private yachts offered by NOMADE YACHTING.

Blue and every shade thereof

It is from the vantage point of this beautiful vessel that we will gain a new perspective as we explore and navigate our way through the four Society Islands. And, as ESCAPESEEKER executive producer, host and writer, I’m feeling so incredibly fortunate to have on my ART, three wonderfully talented individuals to help me capture and record our priceless experiences:

1. Justin Grant – We’re so excited to have Justin on board . He is in such high demand and to be able to have Justin capture Phase 1 of “The Making of” Tahiti episode(s) is a gift.  Speaking of gifts, feel free to view and experience his amazing gift for photography–it is easy to see that Justin was born with this talent.
2. Peyton McCollum – I’ve never met such a bright, spunky, natural born ESCAPESEEKER as Peyton!  She has traveled to 33 countries, most recently her travels include Galapagos, China, Mongolia, Namibia, Botswana, and Costa Rica.  Peyton majored in Biology and Athropology at Duke University, with a certificate in Primatology.  She lived in Kenya for 4 months studying wildlife management, and loves nothing more than hopping on a plane and seeing where life takes her.  Sharing in the ESCAPESEEKER mantra, Peyton truly enjoys learning about new cultures and gaining a deeper appreciation for our beautiful planet…and caring for our planet is something she takes seriously.  Peyton has completed three Earthwatch projects!  We cannot wait to get her input as we work to shape the Tahiti episode(s).  

3. Roy A. Henderson – our team leader– As a former CEO of several financial institutions, Roy’s leadership and management skills instill such order and peace amongst the entire ESCAPESEEKER creative team.  As those who know him well are often heard saying, “Roy is as calm as an inland lake!”  And, calm is exactly what our team needs as we’re often  logging in thousands of miles, criss-crossing continents and defying time zones!  It’s also a nice bonus that Roy is not only an expert pilot, but a seasoned, competitive sailor too.   However,  for this ESCAPESEEKER assignment, he’s totally content to be on the gorgeous TI’A MOANA!

I think you’ll agree, we have one very exceptional research team.

Here’s a sneak preview of what is in store for our ESCAPESEEKER ART:


Bora Bora: The Supreme Island

Among the numerous boulders found on Bora Bora is the Ofai Honu, the Turtle Stone petroglyph that Polynesian mythology claims was the father of this dramatic island.

Possessed with godly power, Ofai Honu mated with the cliff of Mt. Pahia, called Hororai, and from their union a son was born who was named Firiamata O Vavau. This “founder” of Bora Bora gave his name to the island which was known,for many years as Vavau which means “first born.”

This island is located about 230 kilometers (140 mi) northwest of Papeete and is surrounded by a lagoon and a barrier reef. In the center of the island are the remnants of an extinct volcano rising to two peaks, Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu, the highest point at 727 meters (2,385 ft). 

Taha’a: The Orchid Island

Formerly known to the Maohi pioneers as Uporu, the birthplace of Hiro, the famous god of thieves in Polynesian mythology, Taha’a is shaped like a hibiscus flower with a scalloped shoreline and deep indented bays. In 1769, Captain Cook wrote: “Taha’a offers two very welcoming natural harbours, the one which is on the front is Haamene (the deepest bay of Polynesia), and the other’s name is Hurepiti; it is quite large and we can easily anchor…” Taha’a and its small motus can be reached by boat and outrigger from Raiatea and offers a view of Bora Bora framed by the coconut palms and the lagoon. Originally introduced a hundred years ago, vanilla plantations have flourished on the island which produces 70-80% of all French Polynesia’s vanilla. Because of the pervasive aroma of vanilla, Tahaa is also known as the “Vanilla Island”.

Raiatea: The Sacred Island

The Polynesian Creation Chants tells of Ta’aroa, the Supreme God who broke out of his shell and created all things. This is how Havai’I (Raiatea) was born. It was the birth place of land, the birthplace of gods, the birthplace of kings and the birthplace of man. And it was to Havai’I that the souls of the dead must return. This holy island became the cradle of royalty and religion as well as the center of Polynesian Maohi culture, history and heraldry.

Raiatea is both the largest and most populated island in the Leeward Islands, with a land area of 167.7 km² (64.7 sq. miles) and a total population of 12,024 inhabitants at the August 2007 census.

Ra’iatea is widely regarded as the ‘center’ of Polynesia and it is likely that the organized migrations to Hawaii, Aoteroa (New Zealand) and other parts of East Polynesia started at Ra’iatea. A traditional name for the island is Havai’i fanau fenua (Hawai’i birther of land).

Huahine: The Island of Bards

Huahine is actually two islands: Huahine Nui, the great island of the North, and Huahine Iti, the little island in the South – that meet at a beautiful strait and a narrow isthmus. Legend claims the isthmus was formed when it was cut apart by the canoe of the god Hiro. A birthplace and home to many famous writers, poets, artists and singers, Huahine’s world of land, sea and fable is a world where dreams meet reality.

I will not be surprised to find our team leaving with a script sufficient to fill an hour-long special on these heavenly islands!  Oh speaking of script, our current working title for this episode:

Derived from the poem by Rupert Brooke entitled, “Tiare Tahiti”

Stay tuned as Justin shares with us the series of images that we will capture during this ART adventure.  Meanwhile, here are some that will give you an idea of how truly idyllic an experience awaits  you at NOMADE YACHTING…definitely no captions needed.  My film crew is already preparing for their turn to transform my eventual story into stunning cinematic full length ESCAPESEEKER episode…or maybe two?
If you cannot wait, why not go to (they have experts standing by ready to assist…you can even chat online) , and and book a flight to paradise.  Maybe, my ESCAPESEEKER team and I will see you there!  And, you know, I’m a big believer in being prepared so I recommend you learn all you can about French Polynesia before you go.  Here’s a good place to start:  They’re more than happy to help you get started.  
By the way, if you are interested in sharing this glorious experience with your significant other–especially if your “other” needs added incentive to make you feel more significant 🙂 –everyone can use a little couple’s retreat every now and then right? Well, Tahiti tourism can help guide your way.  I love their theme:  “Invest In Your Love.” Check it out,  and let your LOVE begin to grow:

Until then…

Here’s to Blissful ESCAPES.

With love,

Mel aka Escapeseeker


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