DIVERSITY: Learning the Art of Adapting to Any Situation


A view of The Balmoral Clock Tower in the
distance…which is visible from anywhere in
the city…that is of course, weather permitting!

The EDINBURGH CASTLE…Oh if these walls could speak…
What stories they could tell!

Edinburgh, SCOTLAND — If you ever get to thinking you have it really tough, just google Scotland’s history, and you will find yourself extremely grateful for your own set of challenges. These past two days, I’ve received a fast track course on Edinburgh, Scotland, and I find myself being very impressed at the resiliency of the Scottish people. We arrived very late on the evening of the 28th. The sky was dark…there was fog and mist, and a cold chill in the air that reminded me that I was definitely not in Venice anymore. Our limo driver, a very large jolly fellow, just laughed when I commented how cold it was. “Ha, he said, this is nothing!” “It’s rather balmy,” he added in a deep Scottish accent, I could barely understand. I turned to our photographer and asked, “Chad, do we have a translator arranged while we are in Scotland?” Honestly, they speak another language. And the entire city is a HARRY POTTER movie set. Prior to my visit to Edinburgh, I used to think that Ms. J.K. Rowling had a phenomenal imagination. After just two days of roaming the city, I find my imagination running wild too! Does it have something to do with the fact that I am staying in the J.K. Rowling Suite at The Balmoral, where she stayed for one month to write one of her latter series? Perhaps. But more likely, is it possible to be born into this environment, and live here all your life without allowing your creativity to just flow–whether it translates into song, or book or even a screenplay–your chances are greatly improved if you spend sufficient time in Edinburgh. Come stay at The Balmoral, 1 Princess Street–right in the heart of the city. And, you too, might want to stay in the J.K. Rowling Suite and test your power of the pen.

Gud Daye (with heavy Scottish accent 🙂


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