Cannes Film Festival update…

Well, here’s the latest Cannes update–I’m so crunched for time because I’m either in screenings, or press conferences, or writing reviews that I really think the best way to see what’s happening at Cannes–is to click below: These premieres were great fun for obvious reasons. And by the way, Angelina and Brad looked totally, GAGA in-love. He was so tender with her as they walked up the Palais steps–as you probably already know, she’s very big with children–yes two!

So take a peak and enjoy. (BLINDNESS Premiere) (KUNG FU PANDA Premiere)

I must get back to what film critics do…watch films…lots and lots of films! Actually, I’m just getting ready to shut this computer down so I can interview Woody Allen and Penelope Cruz–regarding his latest film, VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA.

A bientot,

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