Scottsdale, Arizona – – Have you ever returned from a holiday so unforgettable that you wish you could close your eyes, say a few magic words, and find yourself there again? Well, that’s exactly what I’m thinking just about now as I pen these sentiments. Our 3-night stay at the world-class AAA Five Diamond luxury resort known as THE PHOENICIAN was 3 nights too short! How does one cover a 250–acre visual masterpiece rising majestically from the sun kissed Sonoran Desert in 3 short days? It is impossible! What we experienced was merely a ‘promo-tease’ of the countless activities offered at The Phoenician.

For my brother-in-law, James Henderson, a member of the PGA, who kindly obliged and accepted my request to test out The Phoenician’s impeccably manicured golf courses–The Phoenician’s 150 acres of lush and verdant fairways with varying elevations and natural desert obstacles is a SLICE of heaven–especially for a former golf pro like James!
For the frequent flier/bi-coastal banker, and my favorite occasional ‘assistant travel editor’, Roy Henderson, who willingly succumbed to the array of pampering and rejuvenating spa treatments offered by The Centre for Well-Being–The Phoenician’s 22,000 square-foot spa facility–he offered these words: “I’ve had all kinds of SPA treatments from every major city and even in distant corners of the world–but this particular therapist at The Centre was in a league of her own.” Wow, we better get her name, don’t you think?
I’m excited to provide more details about our weekend retreat experience at The Phoenician–but you will just have to stay tuned–my ‘desert escape’ feature on The Phoenician will appear in the March issue of ESCAPE MAGAZINE.

Meanwhile, take a peak at these amazing images–The warm hospitality and impeccable service you get at this desert retreat definitely defies its size. The Hendersons are true fans and would return in a heart beat…especially Shelby Noakes who fractured his thumb and had to pass up his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of playing golf with James–Shelby was so ready for the challenge!
Have a beautiful day Escapeseeker fans!

Wishing you blissful escapes, as always…




  1. ALISHA JOY says:

    I want to go!!

  2. Escapeseeker says:

    It is great for a family retreat. There’s baby bunnies running around everywhere (not the playboy variety), and the baby pool is a perfect temperature. My daughter Chrissy and I were strolling back to our room with her twins when we just happen to see the baby pool. It was so inviting the we immediately jumped in with jeans, and the babies had smiles from ear to ear, talking a mile a minute with yabadabadabada! :-)Maybe it would be a terrific post baby stay? I got this facial where they use oxygen plus conconction? to “erase” wrinkles! No pain. apparently, Madonna made the treatment very popular in this country. I haven’t worn any make-up since! And my massage wasn’t bad either–skin smooth as a baby’s bottom. 🙂 Now if I can only lose the extra jiggle off my butt and stomach–it is just like a baby too!!

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