Announcing a UNIQUE SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITY to reach out to KOCE-TV, PBS’ audience via its brand new entertaining, educational, inspiring travel series, ESCAPESEEKER, wherein we explore the “art of distinctive travel” as we discover the world’s greatest destinations”–one perfect “escape” at a time! It’s thirteen, half-hour segments, each a stand-alone episode filmed in spectacular High Definition (HD) photography.

Each month, an estimated 5.8 million viewers in the Los Angeles/Orange County region tune their television sets to KOCE, their public television station. These viewers are affluent, influential, highly educated, well-traveled, intellectually curious people who have their choice of more than 100 channels. Yet, this valuable demographic group remains intensely loyal to PBS, and KOCE as the 6th most watched PBS station nationally.

KOCE-TV is excited to offer this unique corporate sponsorship opportunity to those wishing to target its highly affluent, well-traveled audience.

“Grab your passport and get ready to have the ultimate 5-star experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime! I created the series for the discerning traveler who demands the best, and seeks out exciting unforgettable and incomparable distinctive travel experiences.”

Mel Gee Henderson,
Creator, Executive Producer and Host of ESCAPESEEKER (c)

For inveterate globetrotter, Mel Gee Henderson, travel is like air. She thrives on the serendipitous encounter, embraces the unexpected adventure, and adores the charms of locals everywhere. Mel’s background as a journalist, Washington Congressional staffer, and high-profile fundraiser and philanthropist, introduced her to the jet-set lifestyle, and took her everywhere, from parties on the French Riviera to the peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Along the way, Mel’s winning personality opened doors and created lasting friendships with people we would all love to hang out with – from celebrated chefs to maverick fashionistas, to musical artists, and even some of Hollywood’s A-listers. It’s the desire to share these amazing experiences that have motivated Mel to create the breathtaking new television series Escapeseeker.

Escapeseeker introduces viewers to the most luxurious adventures money can buy and to people who live these adventures. It’s Condé Nast –beautiful exotic locations filmed in high-def–-meets Iconoclasts–-intimate conversation with the culture makers of our time. Each episode, Mel will introduce us to people and destinations so unique, we’ll learn that travel isn’t about where to take your next vacation–it’s about how to envision your new lifestyle!

And just to give you advance warning: Mel’s exuberance, enthusiasm and joy for living, or as the French would say, joie de vivre, is extremely contagious!

Mel is joined by the talented team of professionals from *Assertion Films, Michael Parks and Katrina Parks:

Michael Parks, ESCAPESEEKER, Co-Executive Producer

As a producer, director and writer, Michael brings 17 years of experience in the entertainment industry to each and every project. In 2006 Michael, along with Katrina Parks, launched the television media company Assertion Films, LLC. As co-creator and executive producer, Michael is currently overseeing and directing one of Assertion’s original series currently in production with the Discovery Channel. In addition Michael’s producing credits include Fox’s TV series MURDER IN SMALL TOWN X; the National Geographic’s film DEATH ON THE MOUNTAIN: WOMEN OF K2; MY NAME IS EDA and OPPORTUNITY BOUND…Stories of the Harvey Girls for PBS; as well as ANCIENT BONES for Discovery. Michael has worked with Mark Burnett Productions on the premiere hit reality series, SURVIVOR for CBS and THE CONTENDER for NBC. Additionally, Michael’s production credits also include several feature films such as Disney’s AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS; Fox’s MEN OF HONOR; Touchstone Pictures’ MAFIA!; Buena Vista Pictures’ GROSSE POINT BLANK; Woody Allen’s HOLLYWOOD ENDING; and, Sony Pictures’ Oscar winning film AS GOOD AS IT GETS, to name just a few.

Katrina Parks, ESCAPESEEKER, Co- Executive Producer

Katrina is currently producing three international episodes and one domestic episode of the second season of CITIES OF THE UNDERWORLD for the History Channel. She is also producing and directing OPPORTUNITY BOUND a feature length documentary intended for PBS broadcast in 2009, which recently received a grant from the Arizona Humanities Council. Katrina’s other producer credits include ACE OF CAKES, a series for the Food Network, MY UNIQUE FAMILY, a series for TLC, a Christmas special series for the Travel Channel; and MY HUSBAND’S THREE WIVES a pilot for TLC. As a producer/director, Katrina has made several short films including the award winning WRAPPINGS, which aired in 2006 & 2007 on PBS and earned Katrina the SASA Award from the United Nations. Katrina is the co-producer/director of MY NAME IS EDA, a short documentary, which aired on PBS in 2007. Katrina is on the board of directors of Cinefemme, a California based non-profit which produces an annual film showcase of women filmmakers work at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.

The ESCAPESEEKER team is pleased to announce that Mel will be departing for Europe in May to begin the advance work for the filming of the first episode. Take a look at these magnificent photos of just some of the places she’ll be visiting! I think it is time to add “Escape artist” to Mel’s resume don’t you think? If you want to learn more about these two gorgeously magnificent places (Saint Paul de Vence and Chateau de Mirambeau) pictured above, please go to

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