ALOHA from one of the most GLORIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL islands in the world–KAUAI!

If you ever have the opportunity to visit the island of Kauai,
be prepared for sensory overload!
Listen…The birds sing more joyously!
The colors of nature are intense…the sea is every variation of blue…
the majestic mountains are an emerald green infused with trees that produce huge blossoms,
so deeply blood orange red, that you can see it even from a great distance.
But mostly, listen to your heart, soul and spirit, as they peacefully become one with nature.

Smell the sweet fragrance of tropical flowers all around you…
taste the fruits that abound…
yes, it is ok to lick your arms as the juices from your mango run down to your elbow…
and yes, it is ok to be selfish, just once,
as you decide to tell even those closest to you,
“go and cut your own sweet, sweet papaya,”
as you savor every bite while watching the spectacular setting sun!

And, yes, it is also ok, to be the happy, go lucky kid you once were,
as you jump for joy at being the first to glance at the heavens,
and see the most glorious rainbow
you have ever set your eyes upon–
of course you think that very same thought
every time God grants you a beautiful rainbow
on this very same island,
continually reminding you just how gloriously beautiful
it is to be ALIVE
… as you are surrounded by the joyful laughter
and bustling noise
of the most amazingly fun, loving,
forever cherished family and friends.

They truly keep me breathing…
but honestly, if you ever find yourself feeling blue,
buy a ticket to PARADISE…KAUAI…
maybe you should consider a one-way ticket…
even if you have to sell everything you own to get there.
Because you will quickly discover, you won’t need much once you arrive,
except a really stunning bathing suit–that will only get more stunning as you get in tip top shape from all the outdoor activities, and of course, flip flops for your feet.
They’re the only real kind of shoes you will ever wear–
that is if you plan on becoming a true islander!
Lastly, remember to S L O W D O W N. You’re moving too fast.
You’ve got to make the morning last.
That’s right…and may I recommend you start learning the tune “What a Wonderful World!” The Bruddah IZ version if you’re going to learn to play the Ukelele…
because I guarantee, you’ll be singing this song every morning as you reaffirm,
, OH YEAH!!!!!

Mahalo everyone for spreading JOY wherever you wander!


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