Tahiti, Part 3

TAHITI: Oh Heaven’s Heaven— In this 3-Part series, ESCAPESEEKER criss-crosses the expanse of French Polynesia seeking the answer to the question to which so many writers have alluded: “If Heaven has a Heaven, is it found in French Polynesia?”

Episode 12: TAHITI: Oh Heaven’s Heaven, Part 3—We board the luxurious vessel, The Paul Gauguin, and travel to the most remote islands of French Polynesia—the Marquesas Islands—from Fatu Hiva to Hiva Oa, you’ll begin to understand why artist, Paul Gauguin decided to spend the rest of his life here. You simply cannot miss this premiere season finale as we share our amazing discoveries and finally unveil the answer!


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  1. rey and val peapealalo says:

    its incredibly majestically beautiful but not as great as the GRAND CANYON of the great state of ARIZONA. Also the Zion park of Utah State and the night life in Las=Vegas….although France is pretty amazing to visit…especially the Eiffel Tower..