La Dolce Vita, Part 1

La Dolce Vita: In this two-part Italian feature, ESCAPESEEKER travels to the most sought after destinations, capturing Italy’s legendary passion for art, history, fashion, pasta and man’s greatest driving machines.

Episode 1: We introduce you to Venetian, Roberto Bocus, who shows us the world’s most famous floating city from his perspective. We’ll embrace man’s fascination with fast, bright Red Italian cars, and we’ll also wine and dine with a Florentine family whose 735 years of Tuscan winemaking has become legendary!

So grab a bowl of your favorite pasta, sit back, and take in some pure Italian La Dolce Vita!


4 Responses to “La Dolce Vita, Part 1”

  1. theo dye says:

    hey mel, olivia, drew and jared!
    from theo (from the galapagos boat)

  2. Mel says:

    Hi Theo!
    Great to hear from you. I believe you’re in Mexico now? We had a blast today doing zip lining in the Andean forest. Such great fun! Travel safely and hello to your whole family!
    Stay in touch ok,


  3. theo dye says:

    I am its so relaxing and I’m having a great time! where was it you said you were going after the Galapagos?

  4. theo dye says:

    and did you see the message I sent you?s