The Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast: Heaven on Earth—Its name is derived from that of the nymph, Amalfi—beloved by Hercules—legend has it that after she died, he buried her here in the world’s most beautiful spot.

Episode 9: Amalfi Coast:  Heaven on Earth— We recommend not waiting until after you die to see what heaven is like—Welcome to the Amalfi Coast—we visit this jaw-droppingly beautiful coastline in Europe, with its hair-raising, white-knuckles, vertigo-inducing Amalfi Drive. Once you catch your breath, we take you to our heavenly abode—the historic Palazzo Sasso, located 1000 feet high above the sparkling Tyrrhenian Sea in the tiny town of Ravello, which has long been the secret retreats of writers, musicians, and even politicians.


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  1. Luz says:

    Gorgeous, a true paradise on earth.