Jason Wise, ESCAPESEEKER Director, inside the Sistine Chapel, in deep solo contemplation over the magnificence and brilliance of Michelangelo.  How rare is it that one has the opportunity to admire his works in the still hours, long after the crowds have disappeared?

USA — If you are a huge fan of Michelangelo, then this is the ONLY way to see his finest masterpiece–by yourself, or with a very small group of friends–not amidst wall to wall masses that you are barely able to move. If you agree, then join us as we admire Michelangelo’s work up close and in the quiet solitude of what it is–a CHAPEL!

The Sistine Chapel ceiling was painted by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512. Giorgio Vasari wrote that “…when the work was thrown open the whole world came running to see what Michelangelo had done; and certainly it was such as to make everyone speechless with astonishment.” The original Italian version, even more so than the English translation emphasizes the importance of Michelangelo and his art: “…questo bastó per fare rimanere le persone trasecolate e mutole” (translated, “… this is enough to make people remain bewildered and dumb)~~and, Vasari appears to make Michelangelo into a god-like character, someone who alone would make the world run toward the Sistine Chapel and make them contemplate the impact and importance of his paintings.

Come contemplate the significance of his works with ESCAPESEEKER. It will be one for the history books–your personal history book!

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