ROME: The Eternal City is a 3000-year old indoor-outdoor museum. ESCAPESEEKER's version of the 'Roman Holiday' captures Italian's passion for history, art and of course, Italy's constant obsession with fashion and style! (Image by Chad Buchanan)

Los Angeles – On Saturday, September 3rd, ESCAPESEEKER “La Dolce Vita” Part 2, aired on PBS SoCal.  The episode focuses on Italy’s ‘Food Capital’–Bologna (which I think truly deserves to be called, “Italy’s Best Kept Secret”), and Rome, the Eternal City whose passion for art, history and fashion knows no bounds, and then we conclude with the world’s smallest sovereign State–The Vatican!  A feature on Rome without including the Vatican would of course be incomplete.  And, may I add, The Vatican would not be the Vatican without the Holy Father, Pope Benedict.  So yes, ESCAPESEEKER accomplished the unimaginable!  You will just have to tune in to PBS SoCal to see where we we’re about to take you.

In the meantime, it is with great pleasure that I share with you the following cover feature that appeared in  ESCAPE MAGAZINE which I wrote that became the inspiration behind the Italy episodes, not to mention the beginning of my on-going LOVE AFFAIR with the magnificent country whose unique culture and passionate attitude towards “La Dolce Vita” is absolutely contagious.  I know I am not alone in expressing these sentiments.  If you love Italy more than I do, then write me and tell me why!  I would love to hear about your personal Italy discoveries, and it would be great to share your pics with our ESCAPESEEKER fans too!

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[Article] Italy - ESCAPE Magazine


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