‘Madame H’…our race car in the sky…

MADAME H is our Italian beauty. She’s sexy and she’s fast. With ‘Ifraviator’at the controls, she soars the blues skies over Texas with ease and grace!

MADAME H is the reason we acquired a home in Texas. While Mrs. H., aka Mel is passionate about travel, Mr. H. is absolutely passionate about piloting his own plane. In the summer of 2005, after criss crossing the continent in search of the perfect air park community, we discovered Pecan Plantation, about 35 minutes drive south of Fort Worth in the small town of Granbury. Pecan Plantation is surrounded by a 17-mile stretch of the historic Brazos River. If Southern Hospitality and fried cookin’ is what you savor, Pecan is your kind of place. With its own perfectly manicured airport, two golf courses, an equestrian center, a Clubhouse complete with extra rooms for your overflow guests, community pool, and let’s not forget an entire village of deer that roam freely like movie props in a wildlife documentary–there’s no place like Pecan for a family like ours who love to gather and play and eat, and dance beneath the stars! Come on down Y’all!

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