Elder Gee will be needing an English tutor upon his return…

Here’s a quiz:

Question–What happens when a bright, dedicated, highly resilient, spiritual, young 19-year old decides to follow in the footsteps of his Great grandfather, Elder Urvin Gee (England), Father, Elder Joseph K Gee (New Zealand), and big brother, Elder Joseph Brennen Gee (The Czech Republic) and voluntarily commit more than two years of his life in missionary service to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of a foreign land (Russia)?

Answer–His command of the English language begins to disappear, causing one to raise the question, “Is it just me, or does he talk kind of funny?” 🙂

However, there is a PLUS: His command of Russian is par excellence as illustrated in his assignments described by our missionary in this (unedited) letter received this (January 23) week:

Family… Is life not getting more and more exciting every day for you as well? Gah! I won’t explain the source of this excitement and bliss joy, for I don’t think I would have to, but let it just be known that I have not been able to stop smiling for last long while… I’m sorry that I have such little time to write. Yesterday and today I am taking care of helping the new senior couple come into Russia and then off to their city of KHABAROVSK! Wow how I am excited for them. I’ve been telling them non-stop of all the members and investigators there. It’s funny because they will be taking the train tonight up there and get there in the morning. Early Early tomorrow morning I will get on a plane and fly there and get there about at the same time that they finally do. I will only be there one day before I fly on to another city but it will be a jam packed day of goodness. Please pray for my energy and spirits (aka please pray that throughout all of this people will be able to see my joy.) During this one singe day there I will first interpret President Everett’s meeting with their government official at the big Khabarovsk city hall! After that I will spend the rest of the time working with the Elders of the city until I fly out the next morning. But let me tell you a little something which I hope you are as excited about as I am. It means everything to me and I mean that. It is my journal. I realize that I have only been able to impart a very small percent of what I’ve experienced here to you but I have been very loyal and dedicated to my recordings in my journal thereof…for I have been raised of goodly parents and wish, in honor of them, to also bless mine own. I love you and wish to from time to time as appropriate share these dear to me records with you. I love you and will write you next week to explain why…. Ha. Love elder gee

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