Tour de France, Part 1

ESCAPESEEKER Tour de France: After an entire decade of traveling from Paris to Cannes by plane or train, ESCAPESEEKER host, Mel Gee Henderson, a veteran journalist assigned to cover the annual Cannes Film Festival—decided it was time to take the road less traveled in her own version of ESCAPESEEKER Tour de France, embracing all things French in these two episodes of pure joie de vivre!

Episode 6: ESCAPESEEKER takes to the beautiful country roads of France in luxury and style as we unveil her best-kept secrets. We put Infiniti’s 500,000 Euro proto-type G-37 luxury convertible to the test—from the emerald Champagne region—home of the famous bubbly—to the limestone rich soil of Saint Emilion—where the sweet aroma of the famous macaroon fills the air.


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