Chile: Long, Lean, and Simply Spectacular

ESCAPESEEKER TRAVELS THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF CHILE TO UNVEIL SOUTH AMERICA’S BEST-KEPT SECRET! In this 4-part special feature entitled, “CHILE: LONG, LEAN, and SIMPLY SPECTACULAR,” our film team captures not only Chile’s uniquely diverse geography in high-definition cinematography, but four distinctively different luxury ESCAPE destinations–from the Northern high desert of Atacama to the remote Isla de Pascua, to its southern tip, where we explore Patagonia by land, sea, and air; Anchored at the Ritz-Carlton, Santiago, we get up close and personal with the country’s vibrant capital, as we focus our camera lenses on its unique culture, music, and the central valley’s verdant vineyards. Throughout our journey, we meet inspiring individuals whose lives epitomize the genuinely warm Chilean spirit and lifestyle. This is but a sneak peak of one of our most unforgettable ESCAPESEEKER journeys!


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